ILA Longshoremen’s Association

ILA Longshoremen’s Association

The ILA AFL-CIO is the largest union of maritime workers in North America.

ILA Longshoremen’s Association
ILA Longshoremen’s Association ILA Longshoremen’s Association ILA Longshoremen’s Association ILA Longshoremen’s Association ILA Longshoremen’s Association ILA Longshoremen’s Association

Thank you for using the ILA mobile app. We regularly update our app to improve our app functionality and enhance features that our members have requested.


Members will be able to see payroll data by local from the previous week and current status of certifications right from the home screen.

*****NEW FEATURE***** Timesheet Daily

Members can now view daily timesheet information including timesheet number, hours, pay, local and company name.

*****NEW FEATURE***** Timesheet Details

Members can view detailed information including total hours, gross pay, total pay, time on, time off, rate of pay, and job code from the Daily Timesheet.

*****NEW FEATURE***** Certifications

The Certifications feature provides members:

- active status of certifications

- certification requirements for primary and secondary certifications

- notifications before primary certification expires or becomes inactive due to expiring secondary certification

- information about exceptions, prerequisites and validity duration for every certification.

*****NEW FEATURE***** Container Royalty

Members can review Container Royalty eligibility rules, current contract hours, additional hours, consecutive qualified years, average hours per year and hours needed for current year check.

*****NEW FEATURE***** Work Log

With the work log feature, you can:

- enter daily work logs directly into the app

- view daily and monthly worklogs

- view time on/time off, total hours, and total gross pay

- track daily work logs by company, job type, vessel name, timesheet number, terminal, dock, job title

- access for printing daily logs by date range


Also check out these features: MILA healthcare benefits overview, summary and helpful links; updated FAQ section; and leadership training podcasts!

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Find out more about the ILA app and features at

About this version (5.0.0)

Minor fixes and enhancements.

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3.9.4 released on 18 April 2020 (1255 days ago)

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ILA Longshoremen’s Association
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