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IEEE Event Finder
IEEE Event Finder IEEE Event Finder IEEE Event Finder IEEE Event Finder

Are you ever out of town with time on your hands and thinking about popping into an IEEE event but don’t know if one is around? Now there’s an app that can help you find one. The new IEEE Event Finder mobile app lets you search for an event not only by its name but also by city state or province; by IEEE region section or chapter; or by the IEEE society or council sponsoring it.

It is the first app to come out of the IEEE Mobile Center of Excellence which is developing apps for IEEE groups. The center is part of IEEE’s IT department in Piscataway N.J.

The app was developed in collaboration with IEEE Asia and Pacific Region members who came up with the concept. The app was launched on 24 August in conjunction with the region’s 50th anniversary.

App Inspiration IEEE Members in the Region 10 came up with the idea after several were surprised to learn that an IEEE event in Bangalore India was being held at the same venue as theirs. They then created a find-a-meeting app. But it displayed events only in the region and worked just on Android devices. The group approached the IEEE Mobile Center of Excellence which redesigned it with more bells and whistles as well as the ability to search events being held in all IEEE regions.

Other Features The IEEE Event Finder app makes it easy to add any IEEE event to your mobile calendar. And you can share its URL via social media email or text message. The app shows the event’s location on the mobile device’s default map. From the app you can also connect to the IEEE conference site IEEE Collabratec and other IEEE sites.

The Event Finder is the first of several apps in the works by the IEEE Mobile Center of Excellence. More are scheduled to be introduced this year.

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