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Idle Universe

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Idle Universe
Idle Universe Idle Universe Idle Universe Idle Universe Idle Universe Idle Universe

Create your own universe in this addictive idle game!

First, you have to gather matter yourself by tapping, but once you've got enough matter to create a couple of particles in your universe, they will collide and automatically produce more matter for you!

• Create 31 different interstellar objects - from tiny particles to your own planets, galaxies and even more!
• Unlock 22 unique Divine Powers!
• Upgrade all of your objects in various ways! You will be given multiple options to choose from and you can make your universe unique to you!
• Obtain Dark Matter and use special abilities like automatic tapping, speeding up collisions and many more!
• Get even bigger with prestige! Every time you restart the game, you will obtain Antimatter, which can be used to buy permanent super powers!
• Join the competition with leaderboards!
• Get daily rewards!
• Earn Achievements!

There are plenty of opportunities in the game - you can play for weeks and never get bored!
Try our idle game and create your very own universe. :)

• Music by Ckavi!
• Graphics by Pocido!


About this version (1.302)

Update to new engine version, more updates coming soon.

Other versions

1.262 released on 11 March 2018 (1530 days ago)

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Updated: 11 November 2021 (189 days ago)
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Idle Universe
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