Idle Daddy - Card Farmer

Idle Daddy - Card Farmer

Unlock Steamâ„¢ trading cards with your phone

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Idle Daddy - Card Farmer
Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer Idle Daddy - Card Farmer

Idle Daddy lets you easily unlock your Steamâ„¢ Trading Cards using your mobile device. It works by simulating playing the games in your Steamâ„¢ library that have trading cards available and waiting for the cards to drop.

- Automatically farm your Steamâ„¢ trading cards.
- Idle your games to boost hours
- "Offline" farming mode (your friends can't see you farming)
- Activate game keys
- Activate free games via appid or subid

Idle Daddy is free software released under the GPLv3 license

Idle Daddy is made possible thanks to SteamKit and the JavaSteam port by Longi94:

Idle Daddy Steam group:

Q: Can I get VAC banned for using Idle Daddy?
A: To my knowledge, Idle Daddy doesn't do anything that would trigger a VAC ban. It doesn't connect to any VAC servers or modify your games to cheat. However, I would still recommend stopping Idle Daddy completely before playing VAC games on your PC.

Q: Will my Steamâ„¢ account get banned?
A: I think it's very unlikely. Similar programs have existed on PC for years and so far nobody has been banned for using them.

Q: Am I able to play Steam games on my PC while Idle Daddy is running?
A: Idle Daddy will get disconnected from the Steam network if you play a games your PC while Idling. Just to be safe I'd recommend stopping Idle Daddy completely before playing games on your PC.

Q: How does the farming algorithm work/Why is Idle Daddy only farming one game at a time?
A: The issue with farming all of your games at the same time is that you don't really get trading cards while idling multiple games. Steam reduces the drop rate to pretty much 0. For this reason, it's only useful for getting your games "ready" (i.e. getting their playtime high enough for them to begin dropping cards) before farming them one at a time.

The farming algorithm works like this:
1. First Idle Daddy will farm games (one at a time) that have at least HoursUntilCardDrops (3 hours by default, but can be changed in the settings) hours of playtime.
2. If it can't find any, Idle Daddy will idle multiple games (up to 32 which is the max Steam supports at the same time) until they reach HoursUntilCardDrops
3. Repeat 1 and 2 until all trading cards are farmed

Q: Why does Idle Daddy say I have 0 games left to farm?
A: First thing you should do is check whether your account actually has cards remaining. If all you see on that page is "No card drops remaining," then there is nothing for Idle Daddy to farm.
Next you should check if your account has Family View enabled. If Family View is enabled, a parental PIN is required to unlock your account. You can enter this PIN in the Idle Daddy settings.

Q: Why doesn't login happen through the Steamâ„¢ website?
A: Idle Daddy works the same as the official Steamâ„¢ client, which doesn't login through the website either (you just enter your account credentials into a dialog). The reason for this is that we are logging into the Steam Network, not the website. The website doesn't provide access to all the features that Idle Daddy needs (namely, playing games through your account).

Q: Why aren't free-to-play games like DOTA2 or TF2 appearing in my library?
A: For free-to-play games to appear in your Steamâ„¢ library, the following must be true:
1. "Include Free Played Games" must be enabled in Idle Daddy's settings (should be enabled by default)
2. Your account must have >0 hrs of playtime in these games

Note: Due to the way that Idle Daddy works, it requires your Steamâ„¢ username and password to function. This information is only sent to the official Steamâ„¢ servers.

About this version (2.1.1)

2.1.1: * Attempt to fix login issues some users were having. Your login might timeout on the 1st try, but try again and it will use a fresh server list. 2.1.0: * Updated JavaSteam to 1.1.0 (Thanks Longi94 & LossyDragon!) * Fixed image loading in games screen again * New adaptive app logo * Updated to support Android 12

Other versions

2.0.46 released on 22 August 2020 (719 days ago)
2.0.45 released on 09 March 2020 (885 days ago)

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Idle Daddy - Card Farmer
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