Idle Combat

Idle Combat

Expand a village recruit and grow heroes conquer quests in Idle Combat!

Idle Combat
Idle Combat Idle Combat Idle Combat Idle Combat Idle Combat Idle Combat Idle Combat

The land is in trouble, and it's up to Adventurer's Guilds like yours to beat the bad guys, and earn some shiny loot for the trouble! Idle Combat lets you build and upgrade village features, acquire heroes and gear, accept quests and send your heroes adventuring to run through them, earning you loot and prestige.


~ Idle, Incremental RPG, with a few clicker elements.
~ Idle game play, allowing you to send your characters off to battle, with you checking in to manage them and collect your rewards.
~ 5 Initial Hero Classes to select from, each with unique skills, stats and flavor, with rare Unique Heroes unlockable later.
~ Equip and upgrade weapons and armour.
~ Expandable and upgradable buildings, unlocking features for loot collecting, potion crafting, and more.
~ Unique artifacts which provide permanent, global benefits to your heroes.

Come try a new, unique take for idle games!

About this version (

~ New Tier 8 quest added.

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Version: by Winding Clock Games
Updated: 11 June 2017 (2068 days ago)
Released: 22 February 2017
Installations: more than 10 000
Idle Combat
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