Idle Cat Village

Idle Cat Village

Super easy idle game with chill cats!

Idle Cat Village
Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village Idle Cat Village

Sit back and enjoy watching cats relax.

Use simple game controls to grow your village and meet various cats.
No cat for me? I have cats too!
I was simply a cat follower... but am I now also a Cat Butler?!
Welcome to Cat Village, where anyone can be a Cat Butler.

■ Game features
Develop your Cat Village with simple controls.
Become a Cat Butler for all kinds of cats.

■ Cat Village Special facilities
Box, Cat Towers, Catnip Spa, Catnip Tea, Kneading Massage, Fishing Site…
Even a Laser Dance Party with twerking cats!
Build various facilities that cats like.

■ Cats with diverse patterns
Meet all kinds of cats with diverse coat colors and patterns.
Sometimes, you can meet special cats if you're lucky enough!

■ Cute cats having fun and chilling out
Watch adorable cats
use your facilities and play with toys.

■ How to enjoy Cat Village
Build facilities that cats love.
Upgrade the facilities, and let more cats come and relax.
Invite a variety of cats to your Cat Village.
Tada! It's done! Now, sit back and watch cats relax.

About this version (3.10.23)

1. Fixed some function errors in the previous version

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Idle Cat Village
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