Record fish checklists and help track fish migration in the Amazon Basin.

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This app is part of the Citizen Science for the Amazon Project. Using a citizen science approach, we seek to connect citizens from across the Amazon Basin to gather and share information on important fish species for Amazon freshwater ecosystems and the people they support.

This information will help us understand how fish migrations in the Amazon function and what environmental factors influence them. At the same time, using this app, informed and empowered citizens can actively contribute to the sustainable management of fisheries and the conservation of flooded forests. In this way, citizens from across the basin move forward together towards the goal of conserving the freshwater ecosystems of the Amazon and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The Wildlife Conservation Society leads the project and currently partners with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Florida International University, Conservify, Mamirauá Institute, Institute for the Common Good, San Diego Zoo Global, Ecoporé, Sapopema, Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research, Centro de Innovación Científica Amazónica, ProNaturaleza, Universidad San Francisco of Quito, Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología, and the University of Washington. It also collaborates with networks such as the Amazon Waters Initiative, Living Andean Rivers, and the Amazon Fish Project. The project is made possible thanks to generous support from the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation.

About this version (2.5.1)

1. My Ictio: see a summary of your submitted data. 2. Edit duration in days, hours, and minutes. 3. Locaton search ignores accents 4. Location icons updated 5. User can see if a checklist is recording a track 6. 162 new fishing hotspots

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