I Can Communicate! AAC

I Can Communicate! AAC

A powerful full-featured AAC app for those with varying communication needs.

I Can Communicate! AAC
I Can Communicate! AAC I Can Communicate! AAC I Can Communicate! AAC I Can Communicate! AAC I Can Communicate! AAC I Can Communicate! AAC

I Can Communicate! is a FREE app for individuals who have augmentative and alternative communication needs. Users have the option of typing our their messages as well as utilize buttons for pre-programmed messages. English and Spanish text-to-speech output is currently available.

I Can Communicate! includes a searchable database of over 13,000 high quality pictograms, and the ability to import and export user files. Direct feedback from users as well as professionals who work in the AAC field were incorporated in the app design process. 

Features Include:

- Ability to edit text and size of buttons and categories
- Long press a button to begin editing.
- Modification Lock mode is available to prevent editing of the layouts
- Text to speech in typing messages as well as programmed buttons
- Quick Talker Mode for those that only retrieve preprogrammed messages
- Incorporate included symbols as well as pictures downloaded to the device
- Toggle between Spanish and English users with distinct programmed categories

I Can Communicate! was built by a collaborative team of experts in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication at the Center for Applied Rehabilitation Technology at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. The development of this app was made possible through a grant from the Disability Communication Fund.

The pictograms used in I Can Communicate! are the property of the Aragon Government and have been created by Sergio Palao for ARASAAC which distribute them under the Creative Commons License (BY-NC-SA).

*Note: Please update Google TTS to ensure that the app is able to access the latest speech enhancements available on Android. Search for "Google TTS" on the Google Play Store and click on "Update" if available. Also set the default Text-to-Speech Output to "Google Text-to-Speech Engine" within Settings>Accessibility.

About this version (1.13)

General behind the scenes cleanup and settings tweaks Updated to latest Google Play Store requirements

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I Can Communicate! AAC
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