Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage

Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage

Destroy the humans as the genetically altered Hybrid T-Rex

Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage
Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage

Dinosaurs were once the kings of the world, and research was done to weaponize them. Starting with theme parks to fund their operations, bio-weapons company Hybreed has now started to create monsters. The king of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, was recreated in project Hybrid T-Rex and was sent out to a demonstration facility. The hybrid is enhanced with special mutant genes extracted from numerous animals, making it larger and more powerful than the original T-Rex.

During transport, however, the T-Rex broke free and now rampages across the city. The humans have sent out their soldiers and military weapons, but the dinosaur isn't so easy to stop. Using its many genetic enhancements, it adapted to the weapons and became stronger. The military deploys their infantry, combat trucks, helicopters, and even tanks. Police on the scene can do little to slow the dinosaur king down. Will the rampage ever end?

Play as the combat-enhanced, genetically recombined Hybrid T-Rex. Bite, bash, and smash the humans in your way and cause maximum destruction! The humans can do nothing in the face of the king of dinosaurs, reborn!

-Timeless 2D Graphics!
-Combat Effects and Sounds!
-Simple Controls!
-Endless dinosaur combat!

Will you stand above the rest as king? Download and realize your potential now!


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0.6 released on 29 June 2021 (208 days ago)
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0.3 released on 27 September 2019 (849 days ago)

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Hybrid T-Rex: City Rampage
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