Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises

Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises & breathwork. Breathe to sleep, focus, energy, relaxiation!

Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises
Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises Huma Breath: Breathwork & Breathing Exercises

Huma Breath is the breathing app that you have always been looking for breathing exercises Take control of your mind mood and body in just seconds! We help you utilize your breath to decrease anxiety reduce stress fall asleep faster sleep better sharper focus and boost your energy significantly!

Breathe for better health! Start with our 7-Day Introduction Course -and includes breathing exercises and events for more advanced practitioners. Our breathing exercises are scientifically explored & backed by science to learn more about the scientific benefits & research visit our blog.

💨 Breathing Exercises For All Needs

Various powerful breathing exercises can be found in the Huma Breath exercise library. Pick the one you want give it a few minutes and you'll end up with whatever benefits you wanted in the first place by just breathing.

◾ Alternate Nostril (Nadi Shodhana) Relaxed body a calmer mind and present awareness by focusing on the nostrils and deep breathing.
◾ Kapalabhati (Skull Shining) Increased energy and vitality with paced breathing and bursty exhalations.
◾ 4-7-8 Breathing Ground yourself with a deep calm following the rhythm of your breath.
◾ Bhramari (Humming Bee Breath) Reduce stress and anxiety by humming and taking soothing breaths.
◾ Box Breathing (4-4-4-4) Relieve stress and better concentration with deep calming breaths.
◾ Shabad Kriya (Bedtime Breath) Have a good night's sleep by relaxing your body with deep and softening breaths.
◾ Iceman Breathing (Wim Hof) A clearer mind better mood and increased energy with hyperventilation and breath retention by using Wim Hof method.

📆 Breathe Better with Live Sessions

Big or small daily life challenges can make you anxious stressed or even depressed. But as overwhelming as your feelings may be there's a way to manage them. Using the simple adaptable guided breathing exercises of breathwork you can learn to breathe better think more positively and let go of your worries.

Join our live breathwork sessions with our expert instructors track your progress and solidify your habits.

🌟 Key Features in Huma Breath

✴ Extensive breathwork library that includes techniques above and more coming each week. Pick the one you need and shift to your desired state in just seconds!
✴ Pick your atmosphere Choose your desired scene and sounds to augment your experience during your sessions.
✴ Free 7-Day Introduction Course Come as a breathwork beginner and leave as a practitioner — more importantly learn yourself and discover the power of your breath!
✴ Join our live breathwork sessions and classes conducted by experienced breathwork therapists and experts.
✴ Huma Breath is community-driven. Invite your friends to join you on your journey!
✴ Track your breathing progress in detail set reminders to build and solidify your new habits.

We care about your opinions. Connect with Huma Team and let us know how we can improve your experience.


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Huma Breath is free to download and use and there are no ads. A subset of the programs and features are open forever.

Some content is only available through an optional paid subscription. If you choose to subscribe payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase.

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