Horoscope a Minute

Horoscope a Minute

Personal forecasts for the next minute. It's the fastest horoscope out there!

 Horoscope a Minute
 Horoscope a Minute  Horoscope a Minute  Horoscope a Minute  Horoscope a Minute

A yearly horoscope? A monthly horoscope? A daily one?.. Modern life gets faster every minute and up until now astrology couldn't catch up with the pace of the era. But now everything has changed!

You are a busy modern person you can't afford to trust those vague predictions for a month or a week. You need a forecast here and now you've got to have a horoscope a minute. And "Horoscope a minute" is here to deliver! Your smartphone will learn the algorithms built on thorough analysis of predictions divined by the best astrologers in the world. In a split second you will have a horoscope generated just for you. Your zodiac sign the position of celestial bodies your fingerprints on the screen your current location (GPS is not required but may improve the accuracy of forecasts) as well as the intensity of your astral and bio energy fields; all this is taken into account.

You no longer need to come up with questions for a Magic 8 Ball forget about flipping a coin and don't bother trying to augur your future by how angry birds fly! Just run the "Horoscope a minute" select your sign and get your personal forecast for the next minute complete with your lucky numbers colours plants key words totem animals and pearls of wisdom from different cultures to help you on your way.

Free. No ads. No internet connection required.

"Horoscope a minute" is the fastest horoscope out there!

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- Now each minute has Tarot Card! - More aphorisms! - More everything else! - Now without asbestos!

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