Hong Kong Bus Route

Hong Kong Bus Route

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Hong Kong Bus Route
Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route Hong Kong Bus Route


Provide route information for Hong Kong Bus/Tram/Ferry

1. Bus Routes Information
- Searching specific bus information by using route#, stop#, or partial stop name
- Provide frequently used bus route for quickly selection.

2. Nearby Stops
- Provid all nearby bus stops sorted by the distance from current location
- Click on a specific bus stop to display all bus routes via the stop
- Click on a specific route to further display all stop sequence
- By clicking on a specific stop, you can further explore the stop nearby POI, such as food, restaurants, attractions and other store information.

3. Direction planning
- Provide the suggested traffic routes (walk, take bus, subway, train, etc.) between the desired departure and destination location
- Provide a well-planned route map to indicate the traffic types you need to use
- Use speech recognition to speed up the route planning
- Click on the destination to explore the nearby attractions around the destination, such as food, restaurants, attractions and other store information
- You can share the planned routes to a friend to his(her) LINE chat or EMAIL

4. Nearby POI Search
- Provide nearby POI search
- The POI categories include snacks, coffee snacks, restaurants, MRT station, Bike point, train station, attractions, hospitals, supermarkets, beauty salons, hotels, clothing stores, bars, shoe stores, Shopping malls, schools, flower shops, electrical shops, banks, travel agencies, bookstores, post offices, bicycle lines, steam locomotive, furniture, housing agents, pet shops, aquariums, etc.
- Use voice input to query specific stores such as McDonald's, Starbucks, ...
- Provide detailed information of a store, such as photos, rating score, address, URL,openning hours, comments, etc.
- Searching radius ranging from 500 meters to 7km can be set as your need
- Provide POI maps and street views. It also indicates the best route from current location (walking or cycling)
- Support search of cities or landmarks all over the world
- You can share POI information to a friend to his(her) LINE chat or EMAIL

About this version (1.436)

Ver1.429 Add filter bus company function in searching bus routes(2/23) Ver1.423 Adjust bus arrival prediction time and update bus data(12/25) Ver1.414 Fixed bugs for Android 6.0(10/4) Ver1.411 Add selectable bus arrival alarm ringtone function(9/23) Ver1.400 Update bus data and fixed KMB bus arrival time problem(7/3) Ver1.388 Add function to display arrival time on route stop map.(5/16) Ver1.377 Add KMB real-time bus arrival time information(4/6)

Other versions

1.434 released on 02 April 2022 (618 days ago)
1.429 released on 23 February 2022 (656 days ago)
1.423 released on 25 December 2021 (716 days ago)
1.414 released on 04 October 2021 (798 days ago)
1.411 released on 23 September 2021 (809 days ago)
1.400 released on 03 July 2021 (891 days ago)
1.391 released on 25 May 2021 (930 days ago)
1.381 released on 20 April 2021 (965 days ago)
1.380 released on 12 April 2021 (973 days ago)
1.379 released on 10 April 2021 (975 days ago)
1.365 released on 18 January 2021 (1057 days ago)
1.350 released on 18 September 2020 (1179 days ago)
1.343 released on 22 August 2020 (1206 days ago)
1.339 released on 29 July 2020 (1230 days ago)
1.324 released on 06 May 2020 (1314 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

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Version: 1.436 by Goder Hsu
Updated: 28 April 2022 (592 days ago)
Released: 07 March 2018
Installations: more than 100 000
Hong Kong Bus Route
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