Hololive Stickers

Hololive Stickers

We made a Hololive Sticker app for WhatsApp. +600 stickers.

Hololive Stickers
Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers Hololive Stickers

Hi we are Cheddar Entertainment; This is our first app in the Play Store. We don't know how to program but we tried our best. We hope you like the app!

This app is in a constant development state; There is a total of +600 Hololive Stickers and 49 different categories in the current version (1.0.9v) and we aim to increase this number in further updates.

Any suggestions for improving the app please contact us at CheddarApps@gmail.com ; It would be much appreciated.

This is a fanmade project for fans by fans. This is NOT an official app.
All rights belong to COVER Corporation and all the stickers' artists. WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS OF ANY OF THE PICTURES; Furthermore we DON'T aim for any economical benefit with this app.

If you are one of the many artists whose work is used in this app and you want it removed or want your art featured in the app; Please contact us at CheddarApps@gmail.com.

Thank you

We hope you enjoy the app.

Pd hahaha bacon here ^


Q • Will you release the stickers in other apps like Line Telegram Messenger...?

A ⁃ We would like to release the stickers in other apps as well. However WhatsApp is the only app that allows us to add this amount of third stickers. For Line and Messenger we would need official approval in their stores (which is impossible for us to get) and we wouldn't be able to add more than 1 or 2 packs (around 40 stickers). As for Telegram it does not support stickers like WhatsApp does so we wouldn't be able to add most of them. (Also we only know how WhatsApp code works). In short we don't plan to release the stickers for other apps for now.

Q • Will you release the app in iOS?

A ⁃ We don't plan to release the app in iOS anywhen soon as we don't how to code iOS apps and Apple Store is way more strict than Google Store.

WAStickerApps WhatsApp - Hololive Stickers - Cheddar Entertainment ©2020 - 2021

About this version (1.0.9)

UPDATES (New Stickers Added): • Calli ➜ +1 • Coco ➜ +1 • Flare ➜ +2 • Fubuki ➜ +1 • Ina ➜ +2 • Iofi ➜ +2 • Korone ➜ +1 • Marine ➜ +3 • Matsuri ➜ +3 • Okayu ➜ +2 • Pekora ➜ +4 • Reine ➜ +2 • Risu ➜ +1 • Rushia ➜ +1 • Shion ➜ +2 • Gura_Emotes ➜ +1 • Duo ➜ +2 TOTAL = +31 New Stickers!! =D •Bug fixes •GUI updated

Other versions

1.0.8 released on 15 January 2021 (48 days ago)
1.0.7 released on 26 December 2020 (68 days ago)
1.0.6 released on 11 December 2020 (83 days ago)
1.0.5 released on 06 October 2020 (149 days ago)
1.0.4 released on 16 September 2020 (169 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 21 MB
Version: 1.0.9 by
Updated: 17 February 2021 (15 days ago)
Installations: more than 50 000
Hololive Stickers
5 Stars: 639
4 Stars: 82
3 Stars: 22
2 Stars: 7
1 Star: 15

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