Hockey Trade Rumors - SF

Hockey Trade Rumors - SF

The One Place to Follow All Transfers News & Rumors for the NHL

Hockey Trade Rumors - SF
Hockey Trade Rumors - SF Hockey Trade Rumors - SF Hockey Trade Rumors - SF Hockey Trade Rumors - SF Hockey Trade Rumors - SF Hockey Trade Rumors - SF

Your one stop shop for all the NHL Trades updates and rumors! Keep track of all the players in the National Hockey League! All the news, rumors, transfers and transactions, who will be traded to where and for who.

Features include -

* A news feed covering all relevant news about NHL Trades and from all prominent news sites and blogs. Best part - no configuration is required !

* Push notifications for prominent events and stories! How awesome is that (optional) ?!

* A community of Hockey lovers! Post stories or polls, comment on stories, tag articles and earn badges!

* For each story - see all news outlets that covered it with a single tap.

* Make it your own - Choose your favorite topics, the topics you want blocked or even block sources you don't like! Don't bother yourself with news that don't interest you!

* Collapsed mode. An efficient reading mode that will let you skim fast through the news, on the expense of visuals.

* A built in-app Read Later feature to save any item you wish to read later!

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Hockey Trade Rumors - SF
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