Hock CMA Exam Prep

Hock CMA Exam Prep

Hock Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Exam Prep

Hock CMA Exam Prep
Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep Hock CMA Exam Prep

The HOCK Certified Management Accountant (CMA) test prep App provides multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of the concepts covered on the CMA exam. The app includes two modes

1) Study Sessions are not timed and provide you with immediate feedback on your answer as you complete each question. A summary is available at the end of your study session.

2) Exam Sessions are timed so that you can practice time management. Feedback is provided after the exam session has been completed.

Answer explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answer choices in both types of sessions and your performance is tracked for each topic so that you can highlight any weak areas.

The free app download includes a small sample of the questions from the full database. You can purchase full question access within the App on a per-Part basis or full access is included with the HOCK CMA Review or CMA Complete purchased directly from HOCK international.

Note Teacher Support is not included with the purchase of the questions for the App.

• Part 1 offers over 1400 questions
• Part 2 offers over 1100 questions

HOCK CMA Exam Prep Feature Highlights

• Includes questions from previous CMA exams CIA exams and questions written by HOCK
• Randomized quizzes are customizable by number of questions and question topic
• Answer explanations for every answer choice in every question
• Performance-tracking tool pinpoints areas of strength and weakness
• Statistical tracking of personal performance filtered by Section
• Save your progress and resume your session later

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Hock CMA Exam Prep
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