Hex Quest (Tactical RPG)

Hex Quest (Tactical RPG)

A tactical rpg focusing on challenging turn based combat and hero customization.

Hex Quest (Tactical RPG)
Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG) Hex Quest (Tactical RPG)

Hex Quest plays like a simplified dungeon crawler where every move counts. Close the distance with Crusader to slice your foes keep your enemies at a range with the Archer or use the Mage to set your enemies ablaze!

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Key features
1) 3 playable characters (Crusader Mage and Archer).
Each character has their own unique play style and upgrades letting you play turn based combat your way.

2) Unlock equipment to make your hero’s even stronger!
Dungeon Crawlers are all about the loot! Earn gold and gems as you play to unlock better gear and take your hero even farther!

3) Two level types (Forest and Cave) each featuring unique enemies and maps.
With over 10 different enemy types you’ll have to adapt your strategy as you venture through a cursed forest and an infested cave in this tactical rpg.

Other features
*Unique boss battles.
* Tactical RPG means challenging turn based combat that doesn’t hold your hand and punishes you for mistakes.
*You can play this RPG offline.
*Google Cloud saving allows you to keep your progress across devices.
*Rpg pixel art allows for simple graphics but intense game play.

For tech support or feedback please send an email to GamerGav92@gmail.com

About this version (15)

* Added one tap attack option. * The question mark button now shows info on hexes as well as enemies. * The Blue Witch’s range is now melee and the graphic for the Purple Witch’s curse is now binary instead of incremental. * Can no longer end turn if in the middle of using an ability. * Consumables are now returned to player if not used regardless of stage number (as was the case before the Equipment Update). *The Mage’s Lethal Ignition Staff now gives the correct ability.

Other versions

14 released on 27 February 2021 (50 days ago)

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Hex Quest (Tactical RPG)
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