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For employees with heart risk or high blood pressure

Hello Heart
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*** IMPORTANT NOTE To use "Hello Heart β€’ Premium" you must receive a Employer Code in an email from your Employer or Health Plan ***

What's the simplest and easiest way to understand your heart risk and learn what to do about it? Hello Heart β€’ Premium.

√ Understand your heart risk and manage it yourself simply and easily - from anywhere anytime
√ HIPAA compliant FREE service sponsored by your employer. Your information stays safe and secure and isn't shared with your employer
√ Personalized insights and explanations about the information you want to know
√ Clinically tested
√ Based on the science of behavioral medicine and AMA guidelines
√ Founded by people with the same concerns and issues as you
√ Featured by Apple FoxNews Forbes iMedicalApps
√ Real-time explanations of what each of your blood pressure and BMI mean and how you are doing
√ Weekly BP report to see trends and fully understand them
√ Friendly reminders help you keep track blood pressure and take drugs on time
√ Prescription medications reminders and explanations

=== How It Works ===

Rather than set big β€œun-fun” goals to get healthier Hello Heart helps you build the simple and enjoyable habit to learn about yourself through tracking. Medical studies prove that one of the best way to change heart health risk is to simply track. You feel good about yourself. You learn about yourself. You are able to slowly change habits that last for the long term. The only way you will stick with it is if it fun and rewarding.

=== Hello Heart Really Works! ===

β€’ It’s easy and satisfying to use.
β€’ You are rewarded for tracking caring and learning about yourself not reducing BP or losing weight so you always win!
β€’ No disruption to your daily routine.
β€’ You never compete against or compare yourself to others.

=== The Mobile Therapeutic with everything you need to manage your heart health ===

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Bug Fixes β€’ We've fixed some bugs under the hood to make Hello Heart smoother and better

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4.4.1 released on 18 August 2020 (194 days ago)
4.4.0 released on 23 July 2020 (220 days ago)
4.3.9 released on 23 June 2020 (250 days ago)
4.3.8 released on 14 June 2020 (259 days ago)

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