Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor. Precise stable and fast.

Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor

Measure your heart rate with your phone camera. Heart Rate Monitor. Precise, stable, and fast.

Our background includes postdoctoral research at University of California, Berkeley.

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This app estimates your pulse. It is simple and easy-to-use. It can be useful for people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress, heart attack, and other medical conditions. It can be useful for people conscious about their health. It can estimate your heart beat zone; for example, zone for burning fat (calories). It works very well to estimate your heart rate after exercise, and fitness training (including cardio workouts). It also works very well at other times; for example, after sleeping. Numerous tests show excellent heart beat measurements (heart beats per minute). This app also shows a graph, different from an electrocardiogram (ECG, cardiograph). How to use this heart rate monitor to estimate your pulse or heartbeat: place your finger over your rear-facing camera lens; for the most accurate read, make sure you are in a well lit area and can hold your hand steady; hold your finger steady and apply light pressure; make sure your hands are warm. Warning: please note that the area near the torch or the camera may get hot, and please note that we work hard to try to deliver the highest quality measurements, but under certain circumstances the readings shown may have some error; please also note that heart rate can be affected by stress, anxiety, depression, emotions, activity level, fitness level, body composition, and medication use; this app is for informational purposes only; consult your medical doctor for advice. http://www.device-context.com/terms.html

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Heart Rate Monitor
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