Hearing Aid App for Android

Hearing Aid App for Android

Hearing aid app for android bluetooth and hearing amplifier.

Hearing Aid App for Android
Hearing Aid App for Android Hearing Aid App for Android Hearing Aid App for Android Hearing Aid App for Android Hearing Aid App for Android Hearing Aid App for Android

Earcare is a hearing amplifier and hearing aid app for android that supports your hearing. Earcare hearing aid app enhances sound from your environment and streams to wired and bluetooth listening devices for better hearing.

Hear conversations, lectures, the crashing of the waves and any sound from your surroundings. “What did you say?” and “Can you repeat that?” are all phrases of the past and you can now hear what’s going on around you and eliminate danger.

You can now hear everything clearly
- Earcare Hearing Aid App supports your hearing. You can benefit from a hearing amplifier that can process and improve external audio for your ears.

Earcare provides better speech understanding and intelligibility
- Earcare Hearing Aid App uses audio features to suppress noise and increase speech intelligibility to improve your hearing.
- Audio signals are amplified through the hearing amplifier while noise is suppressed and streamed to your Bluetooth or wired listening device.

Supports Wireless & Wired Earphones
- Supports almost all headphones and listening devices that can be connected through Bluetooth or a cable. Use earphones, headphones, and earbuds to hear the amplified sound for better hearing.

Adjusts sound quality for your ears
- Choose Equalizer presets and use loudness enhancement, bass boost, echo cancellation, and noise suppression to adjust sound quality and instantly notice the difference. You can also control the volume of sound. Note that every person and every situation is different.

Record sound around you
- Use the sound recorder to record and save audio from your surroundings.

Earcare hearing aid app for android bluetooth is your personal hearing aid app, audio booster, sound amplifier, hearing amplifier, and super hearing app for wired and bluetooth listening devices.

Use earcare hearing aid app to enhance sound from conversations and your environment to improve your hearing. The hearing amplifier and hearing aid app for android supports bluetooth connection so you can use bluetooth earphones, earbuds, and headphones.

During lectures, concerts and recreational activities, you can use this hearing amplifier and hearing aid app for android to hear louder especially when you’re far from the source of sound.

Earcare is an everyday hearing amplifier for people with hearing impairment which helps people hear better and communicate effectively with friends and family.

1. Hear conversations clearly using the hearing amplifier.
2. Record sound using the sound recorder.
3. Noise suppression filters noise from sound output.
4. Echo cancellation eliminates background echo for sound clarity.
5. See waveform of streamed sound using the audio visualizer.
6. You can save and load your customized configurations.
7. The hearing aid app for android also runs in background.

About this version (1.0.3)

UI Improvements Important Bug-fixes

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1.0.2 released on 01 June 2021 (852 days ago)

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Released: 31 March 2021
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Hearing Aid App for Android
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