Healthy Living - Drink Water

Healthy Living - Drink Water

Reminds you to drink water, record your weight and help you have a healthy body

Healthy Living - Drink Water
Healthy Living - Drink Water Healthy Living - Drink Water Healthy Living - Drink Water Healthy Living - Drink Water Healthy Living - Drink Water

Healthy Living - Drink Water serves to remind you to drink water maintain a healthy body maintain a daily water balance and monitor the intake of other drinks such as coffee tea milk soda etc.

The water drinking app will record the amount of water milk coffee tea soda etc. in an organized and efficient way.

Proper use of water prevents dehydration. This app helps you stay hydrated with reminders to drink water that can be configured as you wish.

Proper hydration helps to detoxify the body have healthy skin healthy nails and avoid kidney stones. Consult your doctor for additional guidance.

Healthy Living - Drink has

📱 Water Calculator - Calculates the amount of daily water according to gender weight climate and level of physical activity. Tracking the amount of water ingested helps your body to function better. This helps speed up your metabolism helps you with your diet and if it is your goal helps you lose weight.
With the right hydration you can have healthier skin and more vigor.

🔔 Drinking water reminder - Helps you remember to drink water! The app will remind you to drink water (H2O) at the desired intervals.
The water reminder schedule is fully customizable. It does not disturb your sleep.

💧 Consumption of water milk tea soft drinks coffee and other drinks - Register your drinks in an organized and reliable interface. The app helps you to register each glass of water (H2O) consumed and to reach a water balance with the water quantity target determined by the water calculator.
This helps to have healthy skin as well as speed up metabolism and lose weight.

📈 Statistics - The water app has reports that help you know when you drink more water tea coffee soft drinks etc. It also helps you to identify the amount of water and other drinks you have taken during the day during the week month or year.

Do you know how much coffee you drink in an entire year? This app shows you. Do you know what period of the day you drink the most coffee tea water or milk? Download the app and find out.

Statistics help you maintain your daily weekly monthly and annual water balance. You can also identify habits that are harmful to your health. Healthy habits will help you to avoid health problems like kidney stones etc.

🍕 Weight Control - The app helps you to control your body weight. You can record your weight the app calculates your BMI and also shows you a history showing how much weight you gained or lost.

⚙️ Customizable units - Imperial (fl oz) or metric (ml) unit for the tumbler and water register.

Additional Information

Dehydration is a body water (H2O) deficit affecting the metabolism process. It can cause physical and mental problems the formation of kidney stones and increase the risk of diabetes.
Don't be thirsty and have good hydration when you remember to drink water.
Get your body detox by taking water at regular intervals.
In addition to having healthy skin and losing weight.
The Healthy Living - Drink Water app is the best water app on the market and helps you in your diet to lose weight as well as speed up your metabolism.

The interface is modern pleasant and easy to use. Download now.

Benefits of drinking the right amount of water

✔ Healthy skin;
✔ Reduced fatigue;
✔ Helps to lose weight and speed up metabolism;
✔ Disease prevention;
✔ Helps in detoxifying the body;
✔ Provides general health benefits.

Do not wait until you are thirsty before drinking water (H2O) as thirst is a sign of dehydration.
To get excellent body hydration keep your body healthy and prevent diabetes and kidney stones use the Healthy Living - Drink Water app to always remember to drink water.

Download now and start creating healthy habits.


About this version (2.0.3)

✔ O app calcula automaticamente a quantidade de água que você deve ingerir; ✔ Configure horários personalizados de notificação; ✔ Notificações inteligentes (não te notifica no horário de dormir); ✔ Relatório de progresso da semana, mês e ano; ✔ Use o app em vários dispositivos ao mesmo tempo; ✔ Escolha a unidade de medida para registro (ML ou OZ); ✔ Múltiplos idiomas; ✔ Tamanho personalizado de copo; ✔ Interface limpa e intuitiva; ✔ E muito mais!

Other versions

2.0.2 released on 21 July 2020 (553 days ago)
1.1.4 released on 12 April 2020 (653 days ago)

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Updated: 23 July 2020 (551 days ago)
Released: 29 March 2020
Installations: more than 10 000
Healthy Living - Drink Water
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