Health2Sync - Diabetes Care

Health2Sync - Diabetes Care

Receive care for diabetes and gain control of your blood sugar with Health2Sync

Health2Sync - Diabetes Care
Health2Sync - Diabetes Care Health2Sync - Diabetes Care Health2Sync - Diabetes Care Health2Sync - Diabetes Care Health2Sync - Diabetes Care

Health2Sync has been selected by Healthline as one of the "Best Diabetes Apps of 2019".

Health2Sync helps you combat diabetes by making blood sugar tracking more meaningful. You can easily log your blood sugar blood pressure weight medication diet exercise and mood through the app. Health2Sync provides you helpful feedback based on your blood sugar records to help you manage diabetes.

Key features of Health2Sync

-- Blood sugar tracking --
Manually entering your blood sugar records is fast and intuitive with Health2Sync. Along with your blood sugar readings you can enter notes select medication you used food you’ve consumed and attach photos. Alternatively you can also purchase the Health2Sync Smart Cable which will allow you to upload readings in bulk from your glucometer.

-- Blood pressure tracking --
You can track your blood pressure readings as well with Health2Sync. Enter your systolic diastolic and pulse readings and easily see how you've been progressing with blood pressure control.

-- Weight tracking --
We know how important weight control is for Type 2 Diabetes so you can also keep track of weight changes with Health2Sync. You can enter your weight and body fat set goals and easily see what progress you've made.

-- Dashboard --
Every time you open the app you will immediately see a dashboard that gives you a quick analysis of your recent blood sugar history in table and graph formats. You can see whether your readings are in range the movement of your readings and you can even chart differences between your before meal and after meal readings.

-- Diary --
Diary allows you to easily review your past blood sugar records. You can quickly see what factors contributed to a high or low reading. You can also view the diary in a table format to quickly compare before meal and after meal readings.

-- Partners --
We know having diabetes can make you feel lonely sometimes. You can invite your loved ones to become partners with you on Health2Sync. As your partner not only can they stay on top of your blood sugar changes they can also provide you warm encouragements to keep you going.

-- Data Export --
The data you enter in the app can be exported as a PDF Report or Excel file. You can e-mail this data to your doctor directly from the app or mail it to yourself and print it out prior to your next visit.

-- A1C tracking --
A1C gives you a long-term indicator of blood sugar control. You can also keep track of your A1C history and view your trends with the Health2Sync App.

We know that testing blood sugar can be painful and tiring sometimes we really hope Health2Sync can make diabetes management more meaningful to you. For more information about our app and Smart Cable please go to our website at https//

About this version (2.3.0)

- Fixed known issues

Other versions

2.2.0 released on 16 December 2020 (35 days ago)
2.1.1 released on 03 December 2020 (48 days ago)
2.0.13 released on 17 November 2020 (64 days ago)
2.0.12 released on 04 November 2020 (77 days ago)
2.0.9 released on 29 September 2020 (113 days ago)
2.0.8 released on 15 September 2020 (127 days ago)
2.0.5 released on 01 September 2020 (141 days ago)
2.0.4 released on 19 August 2020 (154 days ago)
2.0.3 released on 05 August 2020 (168 days ago)
1.12.12 released on 30 July 2020 (174 days ago)
1.12.11 released on 08 July 2020 (196 days ago)
1.12.10 released on 22 June 2020 (212 days ago)

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Health2Sync - Diabetes Care
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