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HD Sync

Airdata UAV Sync (this is an older version)

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HD Sync
HD Sync HD Sync HD Sync HD Sync HD Sync HD Sync

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Is your drone healthy? Or is it about to surprise you on your next flight? Don't wait to find out. Visit Airdata.com (formerly HealthyDrones.com) to discover "under the hood" information and review early signs of problems before you take off again.

HD Sync simplifies the process of uploading DJI GO log files from your phone/tablet to Airdata.com (or our old site, HealthyDrones.com)

Instead of having to connect your tablet or phone to a desktop PC and transfer the files manually, it will upload the files directly to Airdata.com for you.

2 modes are available:
- Automatic Sync - this will upload the DJI GO log files as soon as you turn off the motors
- Manual Sync - click the "Sync Now" button to synchronize all log files

Before using HD Sync, make sure you create an account at Airdata.com and get your "Auto Upload Token" under the account settings. All your flights remain private, unless you choose to share them.

In order to view your flight details - please visit the site directly.

To learn more about how to get started, please visit http://airdata.com/async

For support and discussion, please visit http://airdata.com/forum

About this version (1.3.1)

- Automatic sync of DJI Pilot (v0.6.0 and later) flight logs is now supported, in addition to DJI GO and DJI GO v4 - Bug fix to address crash in the latest Android build - Support for HTTPS encryption on older versions of Android - Updated for the new Airdata UAV brand (formerly HealthyDrones)

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Version: 1.3.1 by Airdata.com
Updated: 18 April 2018 (1988 days ago)
Released: 09 November 2015
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HD Sync
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