Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos

Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos

Beginners Hatha yoga poses, asanas with videos: daily stretches and home workout

Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos
Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos

In hatha yoga for beginners app we have combined and selected the most effective time - tested asanas & poses for daily training at home. Just follow virtual personal trainer instructions do easy yoga stretches for beginners stretching for flexibility train splits get rid of back pain.

All basic yoga poses (asanas) have detailed audio text descriptions instructions with video. Do a daily home workout develop your flexibility increase your energy levels also make all muscle groups of all the body really strong. This app is the best and the fastest way to find out what the hatha training is.

App features
Ôťô 3 training programs basics training 5 minute 10 minute daily workout. More than 60 different lessons. This is a detailed 30 day and 3 - month plan.
Ôťô The app will show you how to do correctly each of the 80 free asanas. Each exercise has detailed audio daily yoga videos exercise for fitness for full body photo text instructions of its implementation - this will be excellent support for complete beginner;
Ôťô You can create your own quick classes programs set their duration configure the difficulty and rest time;
Ôťô The smart statistical system serves as a great motivator and helps you develop a regular stable habit of daily fitness practice at home;
Ôťô System of measurements of weight & body parameters. Hatha yoga home workout makes you healthy. Your body would become more sportive - so now you can track results;
Ôťô Notifications system. The training app notifies you that it's flexibility stretching time. Whatever efforts you make you must try to make classes regular.
Ôťô Daily fitness calendar - track sport results as well as get motivated to do even more. It's easy!
Ôťô From simple to complex - a gradual increase in load of steps performing dynamic asana in simple variations depending on the level of flexibility.

The peculiarity of quick yoga asanas is that it affects all body systems normalizes health creates an excellent physical shape. The principle of hatha daily basic yoga for beginners app is based on the harmonious balanced development of all the muscles of the body creating balance endurance with flexibility. The difference between easy yoga classes at home and cardio training is that due to special postures (asana) the body begins to work independently engage and develop the right muscles. This happens very harmoniously. Isn't great to become healthy in such a way?

Every daily workout has an increasing level of difficulty. You starts with the easiest personal lessons and steps. Fix your results. Later the difficulty level would gradually increase. Asanas yoga flexibility training for beginners is divided into two categories static and dynamic with video. During training smoothly replace each other. They are suitable for men women and even seniors.

For complete beginner it could be a surprise at a large number of poses. Do not worry that you do not know how all the poses are called. 5 min yoga routine workout is a long process. You have a lot of time to master a large number of asanas. ItÔÇÖs always better to start with a simple one. Many Hatha exercises are basics so they do not lose their value over time for women & men. They certainly brings benefits in the future. Day by day you have progress the results improves. Over time you would definitely do more complex lessons with the beginners yoga trainer at home. This would be a great cardio load too.

Test yourself. Take 30 day yoga challenge for one person - the results would definitely come!

Disclaimer This application is a source of the information and provides no medical advice should not be used by individuals under age 18 or by pregnant women. It's recommended to consult a doctor and get professional advice to make sure that you can perform this activity.

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Hatha yoga for beginners´╝ŹDaily home poses & videos
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