Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon

Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon

Hatch eggs now!Hatch baby animal and make the animal spa. You can hatch babies!

Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon
Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon Hatch Baby Animal- Hatch Egg Spa Salon

Caring Baby Eggs-Animal Spa Salon is the most fun animal games for girls.
Wow,animal surprise. Cute animals hatched from surprise eggs lived happy life in the rainbow forest. But one night, a mystery thief stole their baby eggs.Luckily, a bag of surprise eggs dropped.Now,hatch eggs to see what new baby jungle animal will be born.Take the new born baby egg to the jungle animal. pet salon,give him the best animal love!So many animal surprise,play the baby egg and hatch game now!

Hatch Baby Animal Game Features:
1.Look,a shining bag there! OMG - so many colorful surprise eggs!It is not Easter Day,right?Cared this baby animal and have fun in hatch baby animal.
2. Time to do the animal spa salon.Do you hear the glitter surprise eggs are making sounds?Let’s hatch surprise eggs to see what new baby animals will be born!Bunny,puppy or any other baby pets?
3.Flower showers?Such cute and shining tools!Even not play it in an animal spa salon game.
4.Wow,animal surprise!Happy birthday!The little live pets need good pet caring,be careful! Do the pet and animal cared now!
5.Let’s build a sparkly nest for the new born baby animal!Show your creation,DIY and design a glitter home for the new baby pet.
6. Hatch egg and do the baby spa. You can make the best animal caring.What a baby animal you have hatched! Have fun with cute sweet pet baby in the jungle pet salon.
7.Clean up littlest pet.See, he is playing bubbles while bath time.Hi,baby,do you want a pet spa?
8.The pet baby wants a make up salon?Em,my baby,you should grow up a little to a pet shop to do such make up.
9.The baby pet seems to say something! OMG,is he saying I love you?
10.You find the surprise eggs!You will find a pet salon game,a little like puppy salon, cleanup game and babysitting game here.
11.Hatch an egg,look after animal pets,make pet salon and pet spa for little cute pets.To be a good mommy in this surprise pet salon hatch game.

Enjoy the baby pet game and kid games for girls. Download the fun pet salon games for girls. Get ready to be a good mommy!Hatch an egg and do the animal spa salon. Play the fun free pet animal cared games in the baby animal world now.

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