HandyFlowy is a client application for WorkFlowy on Android.

HandyFlowy HandyFlowy HandyFlowy HandyFlowy HandyFlowy

HandyFlowy is a complete replacement third party app for the WorkFlowy on Android. It powers up your editing navigating and searching in a big way bringing virtually all of WorkFlowy's feature-rich desktop goodness to Android... and much more!

HandyFlowy features a quick-access horizontal scrolling toolbar and all of the following ADDITIONS to Android


• Delete whole lists with one tap
• Duplicate lists [Pro]
• Undo is at your fingertips
• Redo [Pro]
• Create children lists with a single tap [Pro]
• Move lists up while in edit mode
• Move lists down [Pro]
• Customize Editing Toolbar [Pro]

One of HandyFlowy's outstanding attributes is the ability to move around your entire outline and not have your cursor bounce in and out of edit mode. You can also use L-swipe gestures to move the cursor within a list and and up/down between bullets.


• The quick-access navigation panel brings
• Navigate history Back/Forward
• Zoom out
• Jump to Previous/Next zoomed list
• Go to your custom "start" list
• Quick access to your favorites with the Bookmarks feature
• Expand/Collapse entire outlines fully or incrementally
• View Mode eliminates unwanted keyboard popups while scrolling

If you use View Mode you will be free from a fear of an unexpected asynchronous of your already obtained outline.


• Quick-access buttons to use WorkFlowy's search operators
• iscomplete
• isshared
• isembedded
• Last-Changed
• NOT (-) [Pro]
• OR [Pro]
• Completed [Pro]
• Search History
• Saved Search list [Pro]
• Customize Search Toolbar [Pro]


• Copy WorkFlowy URLs to clipboard
• Saved custom phrases & tags [Pro]
• URL Scheme support [Pro]
• Export text
• Custom colors for background & toolbars
• Scripting feature brings JavaScript and CSS customization to the power user! [Pro]
• Two WorkFlowy tabs with customizable "start" lists
• View "last changed" and "completed" dates for individual lists [Pro]
• ... and more!

[Pro] features require in-app purchase which also removes ads.

About this version (1.7.3)

Correspond to malfunction in Android10

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 5 MB
Version: 1.7.3 by MARUMI
Updated: 08 April 2020 (377 days ago)
Released: 07 June 2016
Installations: more than 1 000
5 Stars: 28
4 Stars: 16
3 Stars: 2
2 Stars: 2
1 Star: 7

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