Hair Clipper Prank

Hair Clipper Prank

Turn your phone into a hair clipper prank and have fun !!

Hair Clipper Prank
Hair Clipper Prank Hair Clipper Prank Hair Clipper Prank Hair Clipper Prank Hair Clipper Prank Hair Clipper Prank

With this hair clipper you can joke with your friends. Pretend that you shave your head or that you cut your hair with hairdressing shaver. You can also troll with electric razor prank inside this Real Razor Prank - Hair Trimmer Prank

Many prank apps you can see on smartphone but this is one of the most realistic apps for trolling, perfectly suitable for entertainment and create funny things by simulating hair trimmer in real life.
You will find out that is creative funny game, impressively smart joke:
✴️ Your phone will create practical sounds similar to hair cut and vibrate repeatedly to make people feel like you are have a real hair clipper on your hand.
✴️ Just open this application and joke your friends by bringing the phone near their hair and enjoy amusing moments!

✂️ All the time FREE
✂️ Superb vibration to pretend as a razor (simulated trimmer)

✂️ Open this prank app and begin playing electric razor prank to cut hair or haircut
✂️ Touch the switch to turn on the razor (hair clipper). Then it will start vibrating and sounding. If it doesn't noise you just need to turn up phone volume.
✂️ Put phone screen near victim’s head and the app's sound will be more real and make them feel that you are really cutting their hair.
✂️ To stop the shaver / hair clipper / razor (trimmer) , touch switch off and the hair trimmer app is silent.
✂️ If you are finding interesting moment with your friends / your beloves, you can make a prank by this app anytime, anywhere. We believe razor prank (trimmer) will bring to you special memorable moments you never forget by your newest phone update: cutting hair function 😮

🍀 The app may create some feelings that you may get bald by cut hair 🍀

What are you waiting for?

Get start turning your phone to a razor prank, hair clipper, shaver to enjoy!!

😮 We always try our best to update the application and improve user experience soon.

🍀NOTE: The app don't help you cut someone's hair. It just has same sound and vibration of real razor machines have. Please read through these lines before you write a review for this app.

This app is only made for entertainment purposes. This is an simulation application which knowned as a prank on phone. Use the application long time may affect phone hardware.

If you feel this app funny and you want to have more prank app to enjoy with friends, just use this app frequently and rate 5 stars to support us. These actions are great motivation for us to build more free impressive apps. Thank you :D

About this version (1.0.8)

✂️ Modern Electric hair clippers ⚡ Realistic Electric shaver 🔦 Impressive Stun gun prank

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Updated: 04 February 2020 (547 days ago)
Installations: more than 50 000
Hair Clipper Prank
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