Cell Wars GLOW

Cell Wars GLOW

Attack cell wars GLOW win cell expansion wars takeover in strategy games.

Cell Wars GLOW
Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW Cell Wars GLOW

Auralux city takeover has never been so accessible! With this high-end cell wars glow takeover strategy games you can research tentacle wars programs, build your hacker glow cells, loot auralux cells or win the 1v1 cell wars glow and finally take part in decoding hack.

• Use various programs and strategy games in microwars
• You have your first hint unlocked in every splash wars level.
• More than 1000+ glow cells games missions in an Auralux 1v1 Campaign Mode
• Hack cell and decrypt networks of other cells and upgrade your auralux cells to win city takeover
• Build cells and refine your cell network architecture, use various cell and strategy games
• Chose an auralux glow games or a tentacles to rush in cell expansion wars
• Experience in cell expansion wars or tentacle wars missions
• Support your country in the 1v1 cell wars glow

Make the Impossible Possible
You can cure your tentacle cells by hacking glow cells. To do this, draw a line between green and red cells. This will launch tentacles that drain energy from enemy cell cores and eventually takeover them. Keep an eye on your hacking supply and boost your hacks by cutting the tentacles. Win and take all cells to secure a zone. Takeover all zones and the hack will survive.

Furious Enemy
Beware of an intelligent and wide awake enemy hackers which fights back without ever giving up in 1v1. You’ll need to stay focused and master the art of tentacle wars in order to prevent the death of your glow cell.

Go hacker. Have fun with free cell wars GLOW!

About this version (3.0.3)

new AI New Booster

Other versions

3.0.3 released on 23 April 2021 (279 days ago)
3.0.0 released on 02 April 2021 (300 days ago)
2.0.4 released on 28 June 2018 (1309 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 3.0.3 by Arclite Systems
Updated: 23 April 2021 (279 days ago)
Released: 14 January 2015
Installations: more than 500 000
Cell Wars GLOW
5 Stars: 2539
4 Stars: 642
3 Stars: 394
2 Stars: 343
1 Star: 1043

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