Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak

Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak

Exercise Planner & Rep Tracker - Track your bodybuilding & fitness workouts!

Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak
Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak

Imagine having a personal trainer that has learnt from training hundreds of thousands of people all across the world. Now imagine that personal trainer sitting inside your pocket like a magical genie, ready to do your bidding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Welcome to the future of fitness.


- Automatic Workout Trainer : You simply it tell it some information about yourself and it will create a tailored workout plan suited to your body type and specific training goal (Bodybuilding, Fitness Boosting, Toning, Sports Conditioning e.t.c)
- Equipment Profiles : Equipment profiles allow you to generate workout plans & workouts based on the equipment you have available. You can create different equipment profiles for all the places that you workout: at home, in a hotel gym, outdoors e.t.c
- Motion Captured Motions: We also have a library of exercises that were recorded using a real personal trainer wearing a motion capture suit. This allowed us to precisely record the movements and transfer them onto our 3d models, allowing you to see the exact form and timing of the exercise.
- Detailed Exercise Descriptions: Read exactly how to do any exercise with advanced tips and breathing techniques
- Workout Tracker : Accurately track all your workout sets in a gorgeous easy to use interface.
- Progress Section : Track your progress and analyse your workouts with progress analysis charts
- Apple Health Integration - This app integrates with the Health app. Connect GymStreak to the Health app and track your workouts and progress.
- Automatic Workout Periodization : GymStreak automatically adjusts the weights you lift, reps, distance, time & rest times workout after each workout to improve the effectiveness of your workout plans.

We’ve built automatic workout periodization into every generated workout plan, meaning that using GymStreak, you will keep your muscles constantly surprised, allowing you to make progress at a much faster rate than you would on a standard workout program...and the best part is that GymStreak does all the tedious work and calculations for you, all you have to do is just follow the program.

What is Workout Periodisation?

Periodizarion is a research tested approach to training used by athletes & other physical competitors of every kind. Research has shown progress improvements of up to 2.5x* in the speed of progress when a periodisation program is utilised vs a standard program that most people do.

It involves intelligently adjusting how much you lift with every workout, as well changing up the exercises that you do and how you do them.

GymStreak, takes care of all of this for you, helping you get results faster than ever before.


*Research Source: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Journal (2011)

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Gym Log & Workouts: GymStreak
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