Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie!

Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie!

Spit gum & fly to the sky! Power up with boosters & find food for BB the Zombie!

Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie!
Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie! Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie! Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie! Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie! Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie! Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie!

Aim your gum and shoot for all the food in the sky!

We're in trouble! All the food on planet Earth has run out! Zombie BB is hungry. He needs food to survive!

After discovering that the sky is full of flying food, hungry zombie BB has started his hunt! He aims to chew and spit gum to the sky and feed himself! Ready to spit some gum and satisfy your ghoulish appetite? Aim and shoot your gum! Collect food for the zombies. Zombie BB depends on you!


▣ Bubble gum shooting game!
Gum Fly is a game with simple, easy controls! Aim your gum with your finger. Wait for the gauge to fill up and release! The gum will shoot and fly through the sky and get food for your hungry zombie BB. Run your successful journey to gain all that food!

▣ Various game boosters to help you power up!
Want to fly higher? Want to gain more food? Why don't you try using a booster? The boosters will help you spit the gum further and further, making more food for your Zombie BB!

▣ Try out many unique types of gum!
Bored of the same color gum? No worries! You have many different types of gum to choose from! Select your favorite gum from the wide variety of options and check out how it improves your score!

▣ Colorful and vibrant graphics!
Looking for a funny looking, colorful zombie to feed? Want to laugh at some funny faces? Gum Fly has colorful and vibrant graphics! Always full of new exciting characters and food!

▣ Aim for the highest score!
Getting good at spitting gum and hunting food? Aim for a higher score! Play with your friends and family and see who can be the true king of Gum Fly!

PLAY NOW if you don't wanna get hit by Zombie BB's gum!

Download now and start your gum spitting journey!

▣ Enjoying Gum Fly?
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* This application requires the following permissions *

[Essential Access Permissions]
- Read & modify contents on SD card

[Optional Access Permissions]
- Storage space / Phone / Address book: Storage access permission required to store game data

* How to set and revoke access authority *
- Android 6.0 or higher: Device Settings> Manage apps> Select app> Revoke access
- Under Android 6.0: You can revoke access by removing apps


About this version (2.0.4)

Fly away the stress with a gum fly ! * You can open lucky box for free every 3 hours. * Added ads pass ticket vending machine. * You can buy ads pass ticket package as a special price offer. * Improved user experience. * Fixed some bugs.

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Version: 2.0.4 by CookApps
Updated: 30 April 2019 (1117 days ago)
Released: 17 June 2018
Installations: more than 100 000
Gum Fly - Feed the Hungry Zombie!
5 Stars: 536
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1 Star: 85

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