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Want a healthy body and mind?
Want to meditate and experience relaxation and joy?
Want to solve problems easily?
Let Grandmaster APP accompany your practice and provide energy to become a better version of yourself.
Grandmaster APP contains the finest teachings from Grandmaster JinBodhi, a great achiever of dharma, and effective easy-to-learn methods of practice. "Energy blessing" sessions help relieve stress, calm the mind, replenish energy and alleviate illness.
This APP is dedicated to bringing everyone health and happiness.

Product Features
● 500+ teaching videos and livestreams
● Audio can be downloaded
● Content covers all aspects of life, work, meditation practice, etc.
● Meditation guidance for beginners to advanced practitioners
● Specific practice methods, courses, related Q&A
● Zen aphorism
● Learn and practice online at your convenience

The APP includes 3 sections: Classroom, Practice and Energy Blessings
Classroom: A collection of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s finest teachings, covering topics such as life, family, relationships, spiritual growth, health, work and wisdom. The categories are as follows:

● Featured Classes: Choose according to your needs, study in-depth for maximum effect
● Recent Livestreams: Rich topics with exciting content
● Foundations of Meditation: Understand meditation and its benefits, master the correct state of mind
● Advanced Self-Cultivation: Explore higher levels of self-cultivation
● Energy Bagua: Connect with Universal energy to quickly increase qi
● Buddhadharma & Self-Cultivation: Apply the wisdom of Buddhism to change your life
● For Youth: Solve their worries, improve their wisdom, add value to their future
● Family Relationships: How to get along
● Everyday Wisdom: Methods to build a holistically-healthy lifestyle
● Spiritual Growth: Communication and self-management, improve inner qualities, become a kinder person
● Practice Materials: Explanations and guidance for meditation techniques
● Series of Q&A: On practice, life, relationships, etc.
● Ceremonies & Events: Understand Buddhist events, connect with Buddha and obtain auspiciousness
● Popular Topics: Exciting video clips featuring Grandmaster’s livestreams, artistic creations, holiday blessings, etc.

Practice: Methods for self-cultivation. Record your experience, which will encourage more practice.

Energy Blessings: Grandmaster’s energy blessing videos. Relax to receive energy that can relieve fatigue and pain, and recharge mind and body.

The APP will help to:
● Relieve stress and worries
● Improve sleep, concentration, creativity
● Improve wisdom, enhance memory
● Lose weight
● Improve allergies
● Learn face reading and Feng Shui
● Improve family relationships
● Improve communication skills
● Experience meditation methods
● Learn about Buddhism, laws of merit, how to change fate
● Obtain auspicious energy that can protect and transform bad luck into good
● Receive an energy blessing from Grandmaster JinBodhi
● Be compassionate
● Persevere in practice
● Pursue spiritual improvement, enlightenment, liberation

Introduction to Grandmaster JinBodhi
Grandmaster JinBodhi, born in 1964, embarked on a path of spiritual practice because of his weak physical condition. Guided by many masters from Qinghai to Tibet, he learned the way of enlightenment and possesses powerful energy that can help people eliminate pain.
When he saw the suffering of people worldwide, he vowed to help all beings find relief from suffering and obtain health and happiness.
In 1991, he officially began teaching dharma, establishing Bodhi Meditation and Energy Bagua Wellness centers, fulfilling his vow to helping others.

Contact Us
● Grandmaster JinBodhi Facebook:
● Grandmaster JinBodhi YouTube:
● Bodhi Meditation official website:
● Energy Bagua:

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