GPS Time Tracker - Logbook

GPS Time Tracker - Logbook

automatic logbook +mileage, intelligent GPS time tracking, GPS logger, taximeter

GPS Time Tracker - Logbook
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The App collects location data to automatically record trips in the background even when the app is closed or not in use.

Special feature of GPS time tracking logbook
โœ” fully automatic departure and arrival detection (you don't must push a button - just drive) - The app needs access to the location in the background in order for automatic recording.
โœ” move off and stop are automatically recognized with gps and logged as departure and arrival
โœ” You can leave the smartphone in your pocket and in the background all starts are u. stops incl. route and favorite places recorded automatically + automatically track mileage (even offline)
โœ” Automatic determination of starting point and destination start and end times mileage.
โœ” You can easily record an entire year - always know when you were where.
โœ” No registration required.

It is added by GPS online query the location (city street house number).
(Conversion with the Android Geocoder of the smartphone = free conversion via HTTP = 1 โ‚ฌ / month)

Description (automatic logging of all trips)
(1) Manual time tracking at your fingertips
(2) Automatic time tracking by GPS
Departure break and favorite places are automatically detected and recorded even offline.
(3) Fully automatic logbook (choice miles or kilometers)
All trips are automatically logged. The reason for the trip can be added manually as note or automatically as favorite. Rides can be subsequently marked as business private or other.

Low battery consumption because GPS just turns on every minute records your location and turns off again. The travelled distance and milage are added by arrival.

โ˜… This app can be used for hiking for travels and for time tracking.
โ˜… Perfect for recording many short distances in a logbook
โ˜… You can find a extended manual here http//
โ˜… You can always have your smartphone with you and in a backround process all starts and stops are recorded.
โ˜… The free version is not a trial version it can be used as a full logbook!
โ˜… Settings Kilometers/Miles Liters/Gallones

Pro and Free-Version are identical except for the following functions
- Bluetooth detection
- delete canceled + import saved lists
- speech input by a long press on a button
- send via e-mail or dropbox.
- in the Pro version as many favorites can be added
- 12 additional activity buttons
- AutoSync (PDF CSV) (Dropbox OneDrive GoogleDrive)
- Export as Excel compatible CSV file
- On/Off-Timer

An electronic logbook is recognized by the tax office
1. You must add the reason for the trip as a note.
2. You need to select the drives accordingly as a Business or Private.
3. When exporting as PDF you can add the driver and the license plate as the name.

Data protection
The activities are only stored locally on the phone it has only the smartphone owner access the data.
No registration - the app runs independently on the smartphone

Needed Permissions
Location (automatic logbook)
Storage (export PDF / CSV)
Activity (walking cycling detection)
Network conversion of coordinates into places
Internet-connection Geocoding of locations and showing Google-Maps
Autostart App starts automatically in backround after booting if Auto-Mode is activated

Copyright (c) 2013 Franz Brunnlechner. All rights reserved.
There is no liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of GPS time tracker taken.


About this version (14.5)

Export with calendar function Troubleshooting and improvements Error: startForegroundService API29 Control tone Android11 Permissions

Other versions

14.0 released on 28 October 2020 (120 days ago)
13.9 released on 11 August 2020 (198 days ago)
13.6 released on 02 August 2020 (207 days ago)
13.5 released on 28 June 2020 (242 days ago)
13.3 released on 20 May 2020 (281 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 2 MB
Version: 14.5 by Brunnlechner - Apps made in Germany
Updated: 19 January 2021 (37 days ago)
Released: 20 April 2013
Installations: more than 100 000
GPS Time Tracker - Logbook
5 Stars: 31
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