GPS Logger for Android

GPS Logger for Android

Lightweight GPS logger, logs to various file formats with share, upload features

GPS Logger for Android
GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android GPS Logger for Android

A lightweight battery efficient GPS Logger. The purpose of this app is to log your GPS coordinates at specified intervals to a file on your SD card. This app runs in the background so that you can on a long walk hike flight ride or photo session or even go buy some milk and have this running as long as possible. Once you're back at your computer you can then use the files to geotag photos upload to travel sites view in Google Earth and so on.


* Specify time intervals
* Specify distance intervals
* Cell phone tower or GPS satellites
* Log to GPX KML CSV or NMEA files
* Log to a Custom URL
* Shows a notification
* Imperial display units
* Auto start on boot
* Auto send to email/FTP/DropBox/Google Docs/OpenStreetMap/OpenGTS at intervals
* OpenStreetMap - upload GPS traces
* Dropbox - upload GPX/KML/ZIP/TXT
* Google Docs - upload GPX/KML/ZIP/TXT
* OpenGTS - auto send or upload points

Bugs feature requests questions - please submit them to (issue tracker).

Translations - submit to http//


A data connection is used by this app only if you use auto-email or OpenStreetMap or Dropbox features.

Although the app allows 0 second frequencies it is not recommended as the recording and logging is happening very fast; this could cause instability/hangs. Try 1-3 seconds instead.

If there's a feature that you feel the app should have you can submit a feature request on the github site.

***Explanation of permissions

Storage - reading and writing files to the GPSLogger folder on your SD card

Network communication - used when uploading the files (Dropbox Openstreetmap) or sending emails or authorizing you with Dropbox Openstreetmap

Your location - used to determine your GPS or tower based location

System tools (automatically start at boot) - used if you choose to start GPSLogger on bootup

Activity recognition - to recognize when phone is still and to pause logging


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*** Privacy Policy


About this version (Varies with device)

Allowing non-https Custom URLs on Android 8+ Fix for GPS Week Number Rollover problem (if you're seeing year 2000 log entries, you have old hardware and this should fix those timestamps) Once a month logging option Retrieve Android ID instead of Serial Number on Android 8+ Fix for success dialog spam on customurl screen Updated translations from crowdin

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Updated: 02 March 2020 (1002 days ago)
Released: 17 February 2010
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GPS Logger for Android
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