GPS HUD Speedometer Free

GPS HUD Speedometer Free

Perform acceleration tests, and save, review, and share your travel records.

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GPS HUD Speedometer Free
GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free GPS HUD Speedometer Free

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AASpeedometer is an advanced speedometer application that uses the mobile device's built-in GPS system to show your current, maximum, and average speed, as well as your direction, total distance, time traveled, and much more. Keep track of your location and speed simultaneously while driving, running, or biking with our innovative multi-view display.

AASpeedometer Provides:

Improved Accuracy* - A GPS-based speedometer often exceeds the accuracy of a car speedometer.

Multiple Views - Choose from five (seven for the plus version) different skins including our featured Compass view.

HUD Mode - Mirror the display to see your speed reflected on your windshield when you place your phone on your car's dashboard

Speed & Distance Updates - Hear your current speed and/or driving distance.

Speed Alerts - Set up to three alerts that will notify you when you go over a preset speed.

Detailed Route & Statistics Summary Reports - Record your traveled route and speed at any given point. (Two weeks trial)

Unit Systems - Displays in kilometers, miles, or nautical miles.

Acceleration Test - Supports zero to sixty mph and zero to quarter mile time tests. (Two weeks trial)

Save Your Location - Save and find your way back to your current location at a stop or on the go (Two weeks trial).

Google Navigation with Speed Display - Check your speed while using Google navigation. (Two weeks trial)

Import & Export Data. - Save to or load your data from an SD card.

GPX and KML Track Export - Export your saved routes through e-mail.

* Accuracy may depend on mobile device hardware , weather conditions, obstructions, and the visibility of satellites.

The current version will show ads. Please visit our sponsor's ads from time to time to support our development.

Want more features and no ads? AA Speedometer Plus is the answer:

We welcome your comments, suggestions, or bug reports. You can contact us at

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3.48 released on 27 February 2021 (108 days ago)
3.47 released on 16 February 2021 (119 days ago)
3.45 released on 23 January 2021 (143 days ago)
3.44 released on 02 January 2021 (164 days ago)
3.42 released on 27 September 2020 (261 days ago)
3.41 released on 01 January 2020 (531 days ago)

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Size: 5 MB
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Updated: 01 March 2021 (106 days ago)
Released: 31 March 2013
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GPS HUD Speedometer Free
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