GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness

GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness

The #1 Customized Digital Golf Fitness Program

GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness
GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness

GOLFFOREVER is the leading step-by-step digital golf exercise app that helps our members gain flexibility, range of motion, and clubhead speed through our proprietary, personalized exercise plan. Designed by top doctors and tour trainers to relieve pain and avoid injuries with golf-focused fitness, GOLFFOREVER is a top-rated app that gives members lower scores and pain-free living on and off the golf course.

After 30 years of age, our likelihood of injury gradually increases. Once an injury occurs, it can be a slippery slope towards a more sedentary life. GOLFFOREVER uses physiology and biomechanics education and guided instruction, breaking the traditional fitness and health model, moving members away from pain and towards their best life and best golf.

GOLFOREVER Program Includes:
• Expert-guided, easy-to-follow videos that can be done at your own pace
• Pre-round stretching & warmup routines (5-20 min.)
• Strength & rotational power workouts made for golf swing improvement (15-45 min.)
• Injury prevention & pain relief protocols THAT WORK
• Varying levels of intensity, based on your body’s needs and available equipment— from low-impact, feel-good routines to cardio & strength
• Game improvement lessons from 12-time PGA Tour winner, Justin Leonard
• On-demand library with over 1000 videos and easily searchable filters
• Proprietary Golf-FIT Score that tracks individual progress and effectiveness
• New content added weekly
• The most educated and experienced team of experts in golf fitness and pain relief

When you share GOLFFOREVER with your team, you are helping them live stronger, healthier lives. We invite everyone to try our program and experience the results first-hand and risk-free for 7-Days. Annual memberships support commitment to real change and give members a full team of leading doctors and fitness and golf trainers right in their hands.

GOLFFOREVER’s Expert Team Includes:
Dr. Jeremy James DC, CSCS
Founder of GOLFFOREVER, co-author of New York Times bestseller Younger Next Year Back Book, world-renowned pain specialist
Justin Leonard, PGA TOUR winner
12-time PGA TOUR Winner, major champion, member of multiple Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams
Dr. Todd J. Albert, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus at Hospital for Special Surgery
Renowned U.S. leading orthopedic surgeons specializing in spinal conditions, and specifically the cervical spine
Top DOC for NFL, AFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, PGA Tours, National and Olympic Gymnasts, Track and Field Athletes
Bill Fabrocini, PT, CSCS
Orthopedic Physical Therapist, performance coach for Olympic athletes, professional and collegiate teams
Pete Holman, CSCS
NSCA for professional athletes and strength coaches from the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, and X-games

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