Golden Soul

Golden Soul

Stop the magical cataclysm by returning your soul and memories.

Golden Soul
Golden Soul Golden Soul Golden Soul Golden Soul Golden Soul Golden Soul Golden Soul

As a result of tragic events, you fall into a temporary magic loop. After half a century in it, your soul dies, leaving an insensitive shell to wander purposelessly through the abyss. But fate still has its own plans for you.

You meet a mysterious magician who grants you a Golden Soul and saves you from eternal oblivion. The real soul is your personality, your memories and emotions. The golden soul is a magical fake that allows you to extend your life, but you have no emotions, no bleeding, and no morals. Find out how you ended up on the edge of the abyss and how you are connected to the magical cataclysm that is slowly devouring the world.

The world is full of dangers and adventures: move through the story, fight with creatures of magic, monsters, fallen heroes and former friends. Solve puzzles and learn the past of the whole world, find powerful spells. Make history!

At the moment, the game only has a pilot chapter.

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1.34 released on 20 February 2022 (584 days ago)
1.33 released on 04 January 2022 (631 days ago)

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Golden Soul
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