Glide - Your City

Glide - Your City

Download the app and go! Glide your city on fun affordable electric scooters.

Glide - Your City
Glide - Your City Glide - Your City Glide - Your City Glide - Your City

Glide puts your city at your fingertips with fast, fun, dockless scooters that will get you from A to B without the hassle. Had to park far from your destination? Ride a Glide and turn an inconvenience to a good time. Late for class? Grab a Glide and get there with time to spare. Your favorite coffee shop is too far to walk on your break or in-between classes? Glide over and back without breaking a sweat.

Get Started:

1. Download the app.
2. Register.
3. Find a Glide.
4. Scan the QR code.
5. Glide safely to your destination.
6. Park Glide according to local rules.
7. End your ride.

When to Glide:

1. Work commute
2. Crossing campus
3. On a date
4. Pleasure ride with friends
5. To and from public transit
6. Exploring a new corner of town
7. Any short-distance trip
8. If it’s too far to walk and too short to lose your parking space!

Glide is $1 to start, arriving faster and costing a fraction of a taxi or rideshare.
Visit for more information, benefits, rules, and job opportunities.

About this version (5.3)

In this latest release we fixed a few bugs. Glide on!

Other versions

5.1 released on 16 February 2021 (504 days ago)
4.9 released on 09 February 2021 (511 days ago)
4.8 released on 12 January 2021 (539 days ago)
4.7 released on 10 July 2020 (725 days ago)
4.5 released on 10 March 2020 (847 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

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Version: 5.3 by
Updated: 20 September 2021 (288 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Glide - Your City
5 Stars: 185
4 Stars: 14
3 Stars: 0
2 Stars: 4
1 Star: 12

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