Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun!

Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun!

Brings Joy to Your Heart ♥ Challenge real players in the Best Gin Rummy game app

Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun!
Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun! Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun! Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun! Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun!

Free cards playing fun for 2 players at the gin rummy table!
Install today this ultra popular Gin Rummy game and discover the classic gin experience directly on your mobile or tablet

♥ This exciting free cards game is available to play anytime you want against challenging yet friendly and smart AI game opponents.♥
The classic Gin Rummy app created by NewPub brings you
♣ The perfect addictive card game online preferred by players of all ages
♣ An easy to use fun card game app - a great way to relax
♣ The same authentic gin rummy free experience you know and love from playing offline
♣ The best mind game to test your skills and enjoy during breaks
♣ The satisfaction of winning round after round and become a master of gin rummy

Looking for a traditional addictive 2 players game to play online? If you like playing canasta bridge games hearts or even solitaire card games we invite you to download our free Gin Rummy app to discover the best way to enjoy quality fun cards games anytime from the comfort of your own mobile phone or tablet!

Start playing gin card games online today to test your best rummy strategy - approach it like a pro and have fun matching your card melds and runs in no time. New to classic Gin Rummy? No worries! You’ll soon be “knocking” your opponent even if playing gin at beginner level as you’ll be discreetly guided throughout your learning "how to play" process.
Keep your options open as you have 3 gin rummy modes to try out - the best Classic Oklahoma and Quick gin rummy game modes
♦ Classic Gin Rummy - the well known free classic gin rummy game. Complete your hands out of most or all of your cards to have less deadwood than your opponent.
♦ Oklahoma Gin Rummy - a popular fun variation of the classic gin rummy in which players need 200 points to win. The amount of deadwood needed to knock is determined by the 1st face-up card dealt.
♦ Quick Gin Rummy - when you feel like taking the risk and attempt a quick win from a single online game round go for this version of the card game.

NewPub’s Gin Rummy app is all about offering the realistic rummy gameplay plus extra cool game features to enhance your experience
-Play for free - all game experience is 100% Free
-No annoying additional in-app game items to disrupt gameplay
-The authentic Gin Rummy cards game online edition
-Beautifully illustrated graphics capturing the gin rummy experience and free customization of the game table and card themes
-Auto-save option Freely stop the rummy game at anytime and continue whenever it’s best for you
-Easy access to your best game scores statistics and progress
-Pleasant background music for enhanced relaxation while you play your best gin rummy moves
-Drag and drop or tap to move your deck cards easily around when forming your melds and runs
-No Internet connection? No worries. You do not need wifi or internet connection to play this cool gin rummy app.
-Communicate with other players through fun emojis showing your excitement for the game

Practice gin every day master this addictive mind game relax and have fun! While at it share the app with your friends so that you can enjoy together the carefully designed clear and user-friendly game interface easy-to-read cards and more cool game features that will make you come back for more fun gameplay.
Don’t wait another minute install our app today to enjoy the BEST Gin Rummy game experience on mobile! Play this classic cards game win some rounds and share your experience with us! Take a moment to leave your feedback and a cool star rating it will help us make Gin Rummy the best app for you and your friends!

About this version (2.0.1)

Hello, friends of Gin Rummy! The new version is already running. We have - Added Multiplayer! Now you can play with players from all over the world! - Ability to link a Facebook profile - fixed some nasty bugs - added new tournaments (available every hour) - added Leaderboard (daily / weekly / monthly / all-time) - improved performance and stability Enjoy playing Gin Rummy and don't forget to write us a few lines. We appreciate your feedback!

Other versions

2.0 released on 22 March 2021 (32 days ago)
1.0.5 released on 14 December 2020 (130 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 72 MB
Version: 2.0.1 by NewPubCo
Updated: 04 April 2021 (19 days ago)
Released: 18 October 2020
Installations: more than 100 000
Gin Rummy - Card Games Online. Classic, Free, Fun!
5 Stars: 2871
4 Stars: 546
3 Stars: 111
2 Stars: 27
1 Star: 129

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