Gift-a-Deed app

Gift-a-Deed app

Today Do A Good Deed For Those Who Are In Need

Gift-a-Deed app
Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app Gift-a-Deed app

The intent is to provide a platform for enabling users to tag locations (around within any city) where there is a basic need for either Food Clothes Water Shelter.

Using location based technology (similar to mobile car booking apps) the location of a need is marked by an icon (related to the need). In 2nd version of this app we also plan to introduce virtual reality/augmented reality characters which can be seen on Google maps as well as with a camera. This is purely to make the app interesting for user experience.

On the other hand after a need is tagged (by a tagger user) the donor or fulfiller user could be anywhere in the neighbourhood (house or a restaurant or ashram) where excess food/water or clothes or shelter is available. The fulfiller/donor can then find the needy location using google maps (respective need icon) and donate directly. After donating the food or other basic necessity the fulfiler can mark the need as fulfilled/gifted.

To make the app interesting there are points allocated to both tagger and fulfilers. The taggers also get a message via the app when a need is fulfilled.

Gift-a-deed app - Science & Inspiration
( updated 18th August 17)
Background of Gift -a-Deed
Gift of a basic necessity of food water clothing shelter et all to a Needy anywhere anytime. Gift of a platform to enable you do a Good-Deed today without depending on any one organization or gov't. This is as they say in sharing economy "Democratization of Charity". Deed of doing good or simply a Good Deed of helping a fellow human being for basic necessities of life which nature out to have made it free for everyone. Even Birds and Animals get the basic necessities of life free from nature be it a wild Jungle or in vastness of the Oceans; a nest for bird in a Tree or the wild grass lands for Herbivores animals to graze on or for that matter for a Fish in an Ocean of water. Why then in a Human civilized world Jungle we have extreme Have & Have-nots.
If we show compassion and share these basic necessities which Animals have no problem sharing wouldn't the world be a better place? We believe it will be thus was born the seed of this idea. Do a Good Deed today by Gifting a Need. Download giftadeed app from your Google Android Play Store now. IOS version coming soon.

How does gift-a-deed app work
Taggers - doing a Good deed is as easy now- by just Tag & Post a Need anywhere anytime using the Camera icon of the app choosing the need & writing few words about the need. Just click on submit to post the need. Tagging uses location based technology on Google maps similar to the one used by any Car ride hailing app. Fulfillers/Donors - can Gift a Need by simply using the app to find a Need they want to give. To find a Need simply by opening the app and finding need icons (for food water clothes shelter ) closest to their location. Just select the need by gently tapping the icon and then simply click on the Map icon on bottom right corner of the Map to take you to the location of the need. You may choose to display the picture of your gift by clicking on
picture icon or by browse through your pictures. Once a Need is gifted you may click on the Gift now button. This will send a message to the Tagger that the Tagged need has been fulfilled. The system will also then show the need as fulfilled on the app. There are 3 winners at the end of every donation of a Gift Tagger who did a Good deed by tagging the needy location. Fulfillers who did a Good deed by using the Tagged need location to fulfill the need. Needy person who receives the Tagged need directly from the Fulfillers.

Note App supports for Android version 6 and above


About this version (6.2)

- Japanese language support

Other versions

6.1 released on 25 August 2020 (186 days ago)
6.0 released on 17 August 2020 (194 days ago)
5.9 released on 21 July 2020 (221 days ago)

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