Geo++ RINEX Logger

Geo++ RINEX Logger

Logs raw GNSS measurement data of your Android device to RINEX files.

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Geo++ RINEX Logger
Geo++ RINEX Logger Geo++ RINEX Logger Geo++ RINEX Logger Geo++ RINEX Logger

Geo++ RINEX Logger uses the most recent Android API services to log your device's raw GNSS measurement data into a RINEX file including pseudoranges, accumulated delta ranges, doppler frequencies and noise values. So far, it supports GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BDS/QZSS for L1/L5/E1B/E1C/E5A (as supported by the device) and has been successfully tested on many devices.

So far, we were able to achieve fixes for L1/L5 in a zero baseline setup.

For more information on supported devices, please refer to the official Android site for raw GNSS measurements:

The Geo++ RINEX Logger generates file names according to the current hour and date of year and will append data if the file already exists. If you wish to log separate files within the same hour, please move or rename the most recent file first before you start the next session. The files are stored in the "Geopp_RINEX_Logger" directory inside the root directory of your internal storage.

We highly appreciate all kinds of feedback like suggestions for improvements or bug reports. Enjoy!

About this version (2.1.6)

· Improved carrier phase handling for the Pixel 4 and general measurement validation rules for Galileo.

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