Geo Reality

Geo Reality

Explore the world around you with Augmented Reality..

Geo Reality
Geo Reality Geo Reality Geo Reality Geo Reality Geo Reality Geo Reality Geo Reality

Explore the world around you, find its points of interest and reach them in an innovative and easy way.

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality you can “See” places located on the Map through your mobile camera by showing markers representing these places with their real-time distances and directions according to your real or virtual location.

• Search for places and get detailed information about them like address, phone number, website, and photos that will be downloaded from Google database.

• Discover the area around you using augmented reality, or change your location on the map to discover almost any place in the world using an augmented version of Street View, that makes your virtual tour with Street View more useful and meaningful.

Live the moment and take photos for the visited places along your virtual tour, and save them to your mobile so you can later browse this album as if you were really there.

• With augmentation technology you can navigate and get directions to reach any place more easily, by following a set of waypoints markers shown on the camera screen in front of you. It's just like video games but this time in "reality".

Use the augmented navigation either for your real location, or for your virtual location during your virtual tour with Street View. This way you can explore the path to reach your destination virtually before actually hitting the road.

• Using Location Based Actions and Notifications feature you can automatically put your phone on silent mode, or display a notification memo when you reach selected places.
No more embarrassment when your phone rings loudly during a meeting, and no more worry about forgetting to get the groceries from the store around the corner when you get home.

• Share your location with your friends on Facebook or send it as a message via Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger, or by SMS..

• Work offline, places added to the map will be temporary stored on your device, so no need for permanent internet connection when using the app.

• Metric / Imperial distance units.

and many more features...

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Geo Reality is an innovative project that combines both of Augmented and Virtual Reality in a single platform, so you can explore almost any place in the world in a unique and useful experience that helps you make decision about places to visit.

App's Demos Playlist:

- Geo Reality depends on the compass sensor to determine your orientation, so if you experience poor compass behavior try calibrating it by waving your device in (∞) shape several times or watch this video to learn how to calibrate the compass:
- Location services should be enabled on your device.

The app provides many new and innovative features that requires several mobile resources (Compass, Location, Internet..) and also a diverse list of permissions.
Please refer to the privacy policy document at the bottom of the page and Help section included within the app for more information about how to use the app and the needed permissions.
Do not use reviews for reporting issues or if you have questions about permissions or how to use a feature..
CONTACT US at: ,or SEND US a message via Geo Reality page on Facebook:
and we would be pleased to answer your questions and provide any help..

* If you have an older version please update to the latest version, because all versions prior to (5.5) will stop working by the end of June 2018.


About this version (6.0)

* THE APP IS UNDER MAINTENANCE SO SOME OF ITS FUNCTIONALITIES MAY NOT WORK. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Version: 6.0 by Joe's apps
Updated: 12 September 2019 (692 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Geo Reality
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