Gas Tool

Gas Tool

Unit and price converter for energy, gas and LNG.

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Gas Tool
Gas Tool Gas Tool Gas Tool Gas Tool Gas Tool Gas Tool Gas Tool Gas Tool

Instant calculations to several units/prices simultaneously. Always up-to-date exchange rates.

Set up your favorite units, currencies and price, choose from more than 30 units and 150 types of prices.

To convert gas and LNG volumes to energy, you need to know calorific value. Default values comply with the heat content of Russian gas (in the UGS) and Russian LNG which will be produced at our Yamal LNG plant starting from 2017. You can set calorific value yourself by choosing from one of the pre-defined options or entering the value directly.

Disclaimer: accuracy of the results is not guaranteed.

About this version (2.0)

Fix bug when converting the prices

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Gas Tool
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