Game of Games the Game

Game of Games the Game

Play fun trivia games against real players, just like Ellen’s "Game of Games"!

Game of Games the Game
Game of Games the Game Game of Games the Game Game of Games the Game Game of Games the Game Game of Games the Game Game of Games the Game

Enter the world of "Game of Games" where you can play fun trivia games against real players just like the games on Ellen's TV show "Game of Games"!

Combine your knowledge skill and a little bit of luck to take on "One Eyed Monster.” Win big or get soaked in "Make It Rain” by trying to find the umbrella full of cash!

The more you play the more you'll win fun prizes and unlock bigger challenges! Collect stickers and earn special props you can use during your game for added fun! Plus coming soon you'll be able to win real-world prizes!

Tune in to Ellen's "Game of Games" each week to use our special feature "Game of Games Play Along Live!” – the prizes jump right off your screen and into your phone! Viewers have the chance to play along with the show and win epic prizes from home!

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About this version (1.4.732)

Get ready for our brand new Experience system! Your ribbons will be converted to XP automatically, and you’ll level up to gain tons of rewards! Plus, One-Eyed Monster and Make It Rain have been adjusted to one level for easier matchmaking. Happy playing!

Other versions

1.4.716 released on 09 December 2020 (128 days ago)
1.4.704 released on 20 November 2020 (147 days ago)
1.4.702 released on 12 November 2020 (155 days ago)
1.4.695 released on 09 November 2020 (158 days ago)
1.4.691 released on 27 October 2020 (171 days ago)
1.4.688 released on 19 October 2020 (179 days ago)
1.4.681 released on 18 September 2020 (210 days ago)
1.4.664 released on 23 July 2020 (267 days ago)
1.4.658 released on 29 June 2020 (291 days ago)
1.4.652 released on 23 June 2020 (297 days ago)
1.4.647 released on 03 June 2020 (317 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 98 MB
Version: 1.4.732 by Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Updated: 08 February 2021 (67 days ago)
Released: 11 December 2018
Installations: more than 1 000 000
Game of Games the Game
5 Stars: 26173
4 Stars: 4362
3 Stars: 1444
2 Stars: 746
1 Star: 2300

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