Hide my Photos, Videos and Files

Hide my Photos, Videos and Files

Hide files with Calculator skin to hide photos videos and other documents.

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Hide my Photos, Videos and Files
Hide my Photos, Videos and Files Hide my Photos, Videos and Files Hide my Photos, Videos and Files Hide my Photos, Videos and Files Hide my Photos, Videos and Files Hide my Photos, Videos and Files

Hide files - One of the most useful apps to safeguard your privacy. Our phones are always personal and we depend on it to store our private data, never the less it does its job, but only as long as your device is intentionally or unintentionally accessed by others. No need to fear or be nervous anymore, as this unique vault app takes care of all these vulnerable and undesirable situations for you. The app helps you to hide and safeguard all of your private Image files, Videos, Audio, Documents and PDFs by barring access to anyone who tries to access your device without your permission. For more security, the app is camouflaged well with a calculator skin, so no one will ever come to know it's your private gallery, but will think it’s a simple calculator. The app is protected by your fingerprint or password, so only you have access to it.

Top Features:

PERSONAL VAULT - Hide private Photos, Videos, Audios and Documents from unauthorized people
DISGUISED APP ICON - Simple calculator skin for the app to avoid suspicion, and the calculator works too!
PRIVATE CAMERA - Fear of your private camera shots getting saved in the main gallery of your phone? No worries, the app’s integrated “Private Camera” can be added to the home screen and pictures taken from this camera will save secretly in the app and will not show anywhere outside.
PRIVATE BROWSER - An inbuilt private browser for your safe browsing of private websites and downloads which saves directly inside the app, so leaves no tracks in your system.
SHAKE & CLOSE - Just “Shake” the device to close the app immediately if someone makes a sudden entry.
INTRUDER SELFIE - Get to know who is spying on your phone! The app silently captures the intruder’s face through the phone’s front camera if wrong password is entered, and secretly saves it in the app so that you can access it later.
FINGERPRINT UNLOCK - Fingerprint authentication to open the app for more security.
CALCULATOR - A fully functional, simple and easy to use scientific calculator which not just disguises your Gallery Vault app, but works too!
No matter how safe and secured our phones are, we still fear about unexpected intrusions and breach of privacy which, if happens can be sometimes disastrous. It is always advisable to have that additional security which can put our fear and anxiety at ease. This unique app is just the app you need which is impeccably developed to serve the purpose. The app offers you a highly secured private domain for you to store and save all your personal data, be it images, videos, audios or documents and hide them from unauthorized people’s access. The best part is, all your hidden files are encrypted, so your data is well protected.

We hope this app meets your expectations. Your support and suggestions are extremely important to us, feel free to let us know your thoughts on AppsAgile@gmail.com

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Fixed bugs.

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1.2.3 released on 31 May 2021 (442 days ago)
1.1 released on 22 November 2020 (632 days ago)

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Hide my Photos, Videos and Files
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