Fun Video English Conversation

Fun Video English Conversation

You can enjoy English with 10000 videos including movies and TV series.

Fun Video English Conversation
Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation Fun Video English Conversation

Do you still think studying English cost too much?
Try "Fun Video English", another Wafour's application service created for premier English learning followed by the first in town & Grand Brand Prize Winner Picture English Dictionary!
Step by step approach to learning English from basic, intermediate and practical category

Hot issues expected exclusively from "Fun Video English"
1. Most YouTube Videos possessed (++ 10,000 Videos) in the platform
2. Artificial Intelligent solution, "MagicWand" will iterate descriptions according to the conversation contexts in VOD contents.
3. Global subtitle support for more than 23 languages worldwide
4. High quality VOD contents support
5. Native voice & TTS support for each VOD enabling any sectional & repeated study
6. Step by step approach for learning English (Basic, Intermediate and Actual)
7. More than 2,000 idiomatic expressions from actual global exams (Elementary/Middle/High School, SAT/TOEIC/TOEFL)
8. More than 1,000 Pattern English & More than 1,000 Core Verbs

Do not hesitate to download and utilize all-In-one English learning service package!

If you are one of the kind to hesitate, Come and check "Fun Video English"! Go Go Go!
1. Studied more than 10 years, but still can only hear few words from English series or drama.
2. Can hear all English speech or oration, but cannot understand the actual meaning?
3. One-dimensional practice to writing and memorizing idiomatic expressions are just not fun enough for you?
4. Want to learn actual & practical English without having to go abroad?
5. Learning English just feels too expensive?
6. Want to learn English and become master of it by yourself?
7. Just want only with single application/service to become English master?
8. Do you wish to study English enjoying VOD in various category?

1. For any inquiries or comments on "Fun Video English", please e-mail

2. Copyrights Policies
- Any copyrights of contents that is delivered, provided and shared from the service and application fully belongs to the content creator of the YouTube under YouTube Channel & Platform policy.
If there seems any troubule regarding content copyrights, please be advised to report to YouTube Community directly with url below

- Any copyrights including, but not limited to "Study" service, "Idiomatic expressions" & "MagicWand" descriptions and core solutions all belong tightly to Wafour Corporation. Any actions to copy, redistribute, modify or utilize for commercial benefits on any contents or services are fully restricted and abided by the law and terms of conditions.

* This application requires access to the following Permissions

- GET_ACCOUNTS : Login Information Access
- READ_PROFILE : Login Information Access
- READ_CONTACTS : External Login Module Integration
- VIBRATE : Using for Notification
- ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY: Using for Notification
- BILLING : Support In-app purchasement


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Fun Video English Conversation
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