Frequency Sound Generator

Frequency Sound Generator

Frequency Sound Generator can produce accurate tones.

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Frequency Sound Generator
Frequency Sound Generator Frequency Sound Generator Frequency Sound Generator Frequency Sound Generator Frequency Sound Generator

Frequency sound generator is an accurate and easy to use app mainly designed for delivering the sound waves ranging from 1Hz - 22000Hz.

It offers different tools that includes a single frequency generator, multiple frequency generator, different musical notes, and auto frequency generating functionality ranging from 200Hz - 800Hz.


The Frequency Sound Generator is a great deal for testing your speakers and if you are producing, the frequency generator can be used for tuning your different instruments.

Testing your hearing can also be achieved here. There is no denying that your hearing keeps on getting weak with the increase in age. So it would be much better to use the 20Hz - 20000Hz frequency on the app to test your hearing on the monthly basis.

Removing water from your speakers can also be done with this app. All you need to do is to set the app to a maximum frequency of 22000Hz and see the magic.


These features are special on this app that allows you to choose between pre-built sounds which starts from the low frequency sound generator and ends at the high frequency sound generator. A better experience of that can be found on the app.


The sound frequency generator is adjustable. Which mean, there is a band on the app that can help the user with that. It's two steps process. First step is the placing of the thumb on the band and second comes the moving of the thumb for achieving different frequencies according to the user requirements.


Same like the single frequency generating feature, there is one more option provided for the users which can generate 3 different frequencies simultaneously. This way it would be better for you to tune your instruments and test your speakers more conveniently.


This is one of the finest features of the frequency sound generating app. It's designed for testing your speakers by running a loop ranging from 200Hz - 800Hz. Although, you can also disable the loop and use the feature manually.

NOTE: Although it's a hi frequency sound generator but many phones comes along with the low quality speakers. It would be better to try the app on high quality headphones or speakers for better experience.

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User interface optimized, all bugs removed.

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Frequency Sound Generator
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