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FreePrints Photo Tiles

Get a free premium photo tile every month. No subscriptions. No commitments.™

FreePrints Photo Tiles
FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles FreePrints Photo Tiles

"FreePrints Photo Tiles® – Custom wall art made affordable.
Now it’s easy to get your favorite pictures off of your phone and onto your wall. Mix and match as many photo tiles as you like to design a custom collage for any space. FreePrints Photo Tiles are lightweight photo panels that easily stick to walls with no need for a hammer and nails. And they unstick just as easily, which means you can move them anywhere you like. FreePrints Photo Tiles are custom manufactured with state-of-the-art digital printing and a durable patent-pending plastic mounting made entirely in the USA. No frame required. And they’re guaranteed for life!
Making your FreePrints Photo Tiles is fun, easy and affordable. Just select a set of photos from your phone or from Facebook or Instagram or countless other sources, and you’re done. FreePrints Photo Tiles are one-of-a-kind and bring punch and personality to any wall in your home or office. And best of all, you get a premium photo tile every month for free. All you pay is a small shipping charge.
Here’s how it works.
• Get one free 8x8-inch premium photo tile every month.
• Additional 8x8-inch premium photo tiles are only $9 each.
• Order as many as you like. There’s no minimum order.
• Pay only a small shipping charge of $7.99, no matter how many tiles you order.
• There are no subscriptions or commitments. Add photo tiles to your collection whenever you like.
It’s beyond easy.
• Select as many photos as you like. Crop them if you wish.
• Your photo tiles will arrive on your doorstep in just days.
• Each tile comes with four small adhesive pads stuck to the back. Easily peel off the protective film on the four pads. Then simply press your tile onto the wall.
• You’ll find yourself coming back month after month to add to your collection.

Our customers love us! Check out our reviews.
“Absolutely love my picture tile. Looks great and arrived sooner than I was told. Thank You Freeprint Team My tile came and it is awesome keep up the awesome work ❤️”
- Jennie Schultz
“These photo tiles look awesome! I have grouped some similar photos on my wall and they look great. They come with a level for hanging them and they can be easily moved without damaging the walls.”
- Patricia Haupt
We know you are going to love your FreePrints Photo Tiles experience. But just in case … If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will be happy to provide a complete refund.
We also provide a lifetime guarantee against defects. Your FreePrints Photo Tiles will arrive perfect and stay that way. We guarantee it or will gladly provide you with a replacement without charge.

FreePrints Photo Tiles is a member of the growing FreePrints family of mobile apps, each dedicated to designing personalized products quickly, easily and affordably. The popular original FreePrints app gives you 1,000 free 4x6 photo prints a year. FreePrints Photobooks gives you a free photo book every month. And now FreePrints Photo Tiles makes wall décor affordable with a free photo tile every month.
We’re glad you’re here – and we believe you’ll find our apps, products and services to be the very best in the world. We hope you enjoy using FreePrints Photo Tiles!

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