Free Talking Calculator

Free Talking Calculator

Use a friendly real voice to read out calculations, or record your own voices.

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Free Talking Calculator
Free Talking Calculator Free Talking Calculator Free Talking Calculator Free Talking Calculator Free Talking Calculator Free Talking Calculator

If you use a calculator a lot you'll know how tedious it is to take note of the calculations. So why not have the answers read out to you? Or record your own voice or the voice of a family member or friend!

Free Talking Calculator has a friendly real built-in voice that reads out calculation questions and answers and conversions of common units such as Farenheit to Celcius and kilograms to pounds.

With long calculations do you ever forget where you are and have to start again? It makes so much sense to have the calculation question displayed as well as an instant display of the answer so far.

You can choose exactly what you want spoken such as pressing any number or just when pressing the 'equals' button.

You'll be asking yourself one question after trying out Free Talking Calculator... Why aren't all calculators like this?!

The interface is designed to be very simple and therefore intuitive to use and just for an added touch of elegance the background accurately changes to reflect the time of day at your specific location with sky and moving clouds. This technology is borrowed from its big sister application Talking Time Keeper which is an app encompassing all the time and alarm related functionality you could possibly wish for and of course talks with a wide selection of voices and the functionality to let you create your own voices.

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Free Talking Calculator
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