Free RnB Radio

Free RnB Radio

Free RnB Radio - Diverse Selection Of R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, and More

Free RnB Radio
Free RnB Radio Free RnB Radio Free RnB Radio Free RnB Radio Free RnB Radio Free RnB Radio

*** Free RnB Radio *** - Streaming Online Rhythm & Blues Radio

Why is **Free RnB Radio+** the best?
1. More Stations YOU Want To Hear
2. Background Audio to surf the Web while you listen
3. Diverse Selection Of Channels (R&B Soul Funk Hip Hop and More)

"R&B Radio" Station List

****** Most Popular ****** - True RnB
Funky Corner Radio
Classic Soul
Music Massage - Slow Jams
Basement R&B
Hot Jamz
International Soul Radio
Midnight Soul Radio

***** Today's Mix *****
Urban Music 2000 Radio R&B
Urban Music 2000 Radio Slo
RnB Vibes Radio

****** Funk Mix ****** - True R&B
Funk Republic Radio
Funky Tunes

****** Soul/R&B Mix ******
Today's Hits and Hot Dance
Secret Garden
Sensation Station
SSRadio - Streaming House Music 24/7
Rap Stream 1
Rap Stream 2
BoxTree Radio
Hot RnB

Q Why does the music stop playing when the screen goes dark?
A There are several possible explanations for why this is happening. Many devices have built-in power saving settings (ex. Doze mode) that can cause disruptions in online streaming. Additionally wifi settings need to be set to stay on when the device falls asleep. Please follow the link to our FAQ to find detailed instructions for how to adjust your settings to ensure seamless streaming http//

Q Why is the music skipping?
A When songs are skipping it is often because 1) that station's server has recently been reset or 2) the internet isn't filling the audio buffer fast enough. Usually these issues are resolved with faster internet changing the wifi settings on your device or they resolve on their own after the server resets.

Q Why is the app not working on my device?
A Unfortunately the app doesn't support all devices and operating systems. This is the main reason we have decided to bring this app to you totally FREE! Try it out to see if we are coming in loud and clear "Nothing ventured nothing gained." We are adding support for new devices all the time.

Q Why are some stations blank at times?
A Some of these stations are controlled by real DJs and if they aren't playing anything at the time or their site is down no music will play. Fortunately we have a variety of channels so you will always have a lot to choose from.

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About this version (4.5)

- All New Look - Updated Station List - Minor Fixes & Improvements Thanks for your continued support! If you enjoy the app, please take a moment leave a review; it really does help. If you experience any issues, feel free to contact us at Enjoy Listening! Nick

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Free RnB Radio
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