Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS

Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS

Kitchen Display Service for Restaurant & café to Manage & Speed up Service order

Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS
Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS

Zobaze KDS (Kitchen Display System) Along with Zobaze POS (point of sale) is for a café, bar, restaurant, & caterer to inform a Chef to see the summary of all the running orders at a glance. Improve your ticket system by times and accuracy with the Zobaze kitchen display app. it communicates in Real-time by using time-based, color codes and also the cooking staff can change the cooking status by taping.
Manage and Display your kitchen Order Tickets (KOT /KDS) information, items, and modifiers on any android devices to improve ticket time and order consistency track from POS

Best for owners who are looking for Restaurant POS cum billing, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Food Truck and more


✔ Painless, intuitive and Very easy-to-use Checkout interface Designed for chefs with POS.

✔ Monitor order at the counter and the KOT / KDS gets printed or Displayed on Smartphone at the kitchen from POS

✔ Use a strong Kitchen Display System to View and manage Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs / KDS) through a mobile/tablet app.

✔ Get orders to kitchen Automatically(real-time), faster and with No Errors to prepare fresh food

✔ Better and streamlined more efficient workflows that Fit naturally to your restaurant management POS

✔ Easily notice long-due orders with color-coded views interface.

✔ See all tickets at a glance with colors indicating the waiting time and also on POS

✔ Everything is sync in real-time between Zobaze POS and the Zobaze kitchen display system.

How it works:

➡ Download the Zobaze POS app on Android.
➡ Wirelessly connect just by downloading Zobaze KDS with POS.
➡ Orders appear on the screen as the sale is completed from POS.
➡ Orders change color from green to red based on time also seen on POS
➡ Simply tap on order and it’s gone and POS gets closed tag

Benefits :
★ Eliminate the confusion caused by handwritten orders. When ordering through a handheld device by using Zobaze POS

★ A KDS system saves printing costs and helps to intelligently plan your kitchen orders & out of the kitchen fast.

★ Hassle-free setup with a simple tap & go for pairing wirelessly by mobile Zobaze POS.

★ It saves time for captains, waiters, chefs, bartenders, and cashiers by Zobaze POS.

★ It helps in quick food delivery that provides an amazing experience to your Customers 

★ An awesome user interface that requires zero training. The first time the user starts taking orders in minutes.

★ It Avoids conjunction & have consistency, avoided unnecessary Queue by managing software intelligently

Who Can Use:

Café & Pubs
Food Stall
Coffee bar
Food truck
Snack bar
Tea shop
Tiffin centers
Fast food restaurants
Daily Restaurants E-POS/PDV
BOT (Bar Order Taking Application)

Think Zobaze KDS, Think Next-generation kitchen management!

Level up your kitchen management with smart kitchen display’s through a simple application. The Kitchen display notifies incoming orders neatly based on the first-come-first-serve basis. Chefs can easily tap on processed items to mark completion.

Download Zobaze POS (Point of sale) and set up in an instant. Use the same account you’ve been using for Zobaze POS.

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Zobaze POS helps Hotels, restaurants, retail food shops to increase the Sales of business

Billing management (invoice/receipt)
Inventory management (fast-moving, low stock, bar code)
Customer management (loyalty/ campaigns)
Staff management (Give Access-based Requirement)

It’s a One-stop solution for all your business needs on the go. Save trees and go green - Less paper, less mess.

This is cashpoint app & software which is cloud-based point-of-sale


We are always looking for ways to improve the app, please send us your feedback or feature request from the app it’s self or email us to


About this version (1.5)

Table Orders from POS Supported.

Other versions

1.0 released on 10 December 2019 (598 days ago)

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Updated: 26 October 2020 (277 days ago)
Released: 09 December 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
Free Restaurant & Food POS (QSR) - Zobaze KDS
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