Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel

Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel

A social network of trip advisors Discover places plan your holidays & travel!

Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel
Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel Framey: Discover, Plan, Travel

A New Way of Planning your Holidays!

Explore and discover beautiful travel destinations, hidden gems and places while never missing out on Framey. join the first of its kind travel social network!

Welcome to Framey, the new travel social network app! With Framey you can easily get inspired for your next holiday plans, discover beautiful travel destinations and add them to your bucket list or your itinerary. Take advantage of exciting travel content produced by travel influencers and trip advisors all around the world.

Announcement: We are onboarding creators and travel influencers every day to provide users with exciting travel tips, secret escapes and unique destinations. Be the next big travel influencer by joining our exciting travel social network today!

Travel the world, take pictures and share those moments with others easily on the social network for travellers and travel enthusiasts! Plan your vacation, take pictures while enjoying it and share them with our network.

Transform dream photos into memorable trips

The main features of the travel social network Framey are::
Simple UX to find local attractions easily
A social network, which acts as a travel blog to guide travellers. It will become your favourite holiday planner in no time.
Easily create travel itineraries. Add destinations and places to visit near you.
Expand your travel bucket list - Follow incredible travel influencers and trip advisors from around the world
Native language support for 8 + languages
Travel Map that allows you to save, mark and easily locate hidden gems near you for your holiday plans.
Get directions for places near you and find taxis to get there easily.
Beautiful travel feed to inspire you to plan your next holiday
Easily add and share your memorable trips with others

Save time on your holiday planning by exploring incredible undiscovered destinations that our inspirational trip advisors publish on their social feeds. Find exotic destinations and secret escapes chosen by our travel content creators.

Discover beautiful places, secret escapes, and travel attractions around the world. Make holiday plans to the unearthed hidden gems with Framey. Our mission is to guide and advise you through some of the most beautiful hidden places on earth while offering a new angle for well-known attractions for your holidays. Our trip advisors and content creators are avid travellers who share their passion for travelling and best experiences acting as local travel guides for your upcoming holiday plans. Each landmark has both visual and text content to act as your personal travel guide as you discover new places to go. Get travel advice on the go!

If you are a solo traveller, on a road trip with friends or family, backpacking in exotic destinations or looking for luxury escapes you can create personalized feeds to help you make a trip. Get your guide to take on a new exploratory culture trip with features that will help you make better holiday plans.

Get unique travel advice from Framey’s vast community of travel influencers and trip advisors! Follow your favorite creators and travel influencers to find amazing local and international spots when visiting a city, backpacking, or on road trips for your next holiday. Our travel community is continuously growing and we add new content every day, from all around the world.

Explore new places and build your travel bucket list! Save your favorite places and plan your next holidays and dream vacations. Framey is a place for your dreams and holiday plans. No more missed spots. We make it easy for you to find the exact location for all the pictures on our app and plan your holiday.

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